Monday, October 31, 2011


I've been meaning to make this post for a long time now. For some reason I'm fascinated by this two legged Miku face meme. It's creepy and scary, but I'm intrigued. Very unique creature that roams this land ^_^ So I figured it's appropriate for a Halloween post, yes? The pic above is my favourite Shiteyan'yo picture. Very deceiving!

So the Shiteyan'yo was started by an artist that goes under the name of puzzle157xxx on Pixiv. Not sure how it exploded but I find it funny that one simple drawing started all of this. So for the remaining of this post will be nothing but Shiteyan'yo pictures and some will be coupled with Miku ;)

Translation: "I'll leap through time yan yo!"

Lots of variations of Shiteyan'yo. This android one is pretty cool.

Technically TakoLuka is also a shiteyan'yo type of creature, but she's more acceptable it seems ^^; Rin also has her shiteyan'yo variation.

A much cuter version of the pic above... Wouldn't you want them as pets?

Shiteyan'yo taking a bath. Sexy!

I guess anything can be made ecchi... Darn that Rule 34. Wait... No... This is actually kinda h.......

Shiteyan'yo can be cute too yan yo!

This is an epic battle waiting to happen! Who would you make a contract with? XD

This cute widdle Shiteyan'yo is cute! Too bad it's such a small picture...

And here's Shiteyan'yo celebrating Miku's birthday. Who needs legs when you got a Shiteyan'yo to run for you?

And apparently Shiteyan'yo has a birthday too...... Miku celebrates with her... CounterPARTS. XD

Sexy? Shiteyan'yo looks like it's about to rob a bank.

Lovely outfit on Miku, yes? Don't you have a better opinion of Shiteyan'yo now?

And lastly, Miku cosplaying Shiteyan'yo. Good job Miku!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick, made-on-the-spot Halloween post. Feel free to look for more Shiteyan'yo pictures on Danbooru under the tag 'shiteyanyo' where I got all these pictures from.


  1. LOLWAT!! she's look like a spider something XIIIX

  2. Someone needs to get on marketing those shirts, stat. If it hasn't already happened.

  3. @Lisa: Some folks did already, but not the exact same ones that Miku is wearing ^^; I'd like to see that shirt made the way it is though!