Monday, August 10, 2009

Yuri Mania 18: Kanamemo 5

Gokigenyou! Pardon the lateness of this yuri post... I've had a lot of things happened recently; parents coming back home from Jakarta, cleaning my room, death in the family, etc. etc. Actually episode 6 just came out as I'm typing this... But before we get to that, here is the review to

Kanamemo Episode 5
It seems like my reviews Kanamemo is more like a loli-yuri-groping post instead of a yuri post ^^; In this episode Japan is getting hit by a typhoon... Which is exactly what's been happening in Asia lately. I guess they had a pretty good timing for this episode, eh? Unfortunately Japan's been hit by a couple of earthquakes too recently.

You can really see that this show is really based on a 4 panel comic because there are so many random things happening within this typhoon. Which is why I have so many screenshots in this one... I even had to cut down on some screenies.

Yume brushing Yuuki's hair after she returned from the blustery day outside.

Oooh Saki stepping up to the plate to stop Haruka's shenanigans with Kana! She's got quite an authority for a grade schooler!

Ah yes they do call typhoon/hurricanes by numbers in Japan, eh? I think that makes more sense than naming them names like what they do here in North America. You sorta have a better chronological knowledge of when the typhoon occured than just naming them.
And that's the cue for the cast to come up with cute names for their typhoon ^^;
Haruka goes after Kana as usual... her imagination is just limitless when it comes to her!
Love this Marilyn Monroe-esque parody ^^

I had to make a compilation of this shot: "My dazzling (yuri) harem!"

The swimsuits from the last episode comes back. Yume really like to play in the rain... and I can't help but the implication that Yuuki made in the above screenshot... "Snow" is translated as "yuki" in Japanese.

Ah it's story time! But I didn't feel like posting screenshots of it... don't wanna spoil the joke. If you do get around to watching this episode, it explains the Teru Teru Bozu a little. At least in their own fictional kind of way. Teru teru bozu being the little ghost-like dolls that you hang so that the rain will stop.

This eyecatch says: "Yume LOVE"... I agree ^^

For the love of Yume, I had to put this screenshot in. I can just imagine her saying, "henshin!" next.

The teru teru bozu are done and they're made to look like the characters. Hijinks ensues...

During that chaos above, another yuri scene is happening. Ah... I really love this YumeXYuuki couple ^.^

"My dazzling (yuri) harem" - Public bath edition

Haruka is equipped with a lolita power scanner... it's definitely OVER 9000! Anyone want one of these scanners? ^^;

Ah here comes the bath scenes... unfortunately they're really covering up all the goodies since this is on TV. I've cut down on the screenshots here since there are a lot of censored nudities, almost pointless, so do watch the episode so you'll know what to expect when the DVD version comes out. Let me tell you though... there were a LOT of pussy... cats covering up everything. perhaps the DVD version will be more like softcore porn.


Ah well what do you expect from a yuri lolicon when you involve the public bath? Even with covered glasses, Haruka is still quite a threat when you involve nekkid girls...

More pussy...cats... and they're attacking Kana!

So many pussy...cats... Ok, I'll stop doing that joke.

Heheh, love Saki's angry face.

Can't have a public bath episode without the milk drinking episode after the bath.

Yes, so this episode was full of goodies that I could have at least 30 screenshots here. It was definitely better than the last episode. Hopefully I'll have a review of episode 6 soon.


  1. You know the moment where the drunk man said "what so wrong being so naked" like eh?! I think I heard this before and serve him right for seeing the raincoat teru teru bozu XDD

    Yuuki became demon really a lol XD

  2. Hey man, condolences on the family death thing.

    Being busy is always a good thing though, especially when it comes to family members visiting.

    Hope everything's all good! Oh yeah cleaned your room? Pix or it didn't happen! I'd like to see a post about that!

  3. My condolences as well.

    I am busy as hell as well for the past couple of week and I am down to catching up on blogroll yet again.

    Yeah! Cleaned your room? Pix or it didn't happen!

  4. Loli yuri is awesome. And loll at pussy.

    Sorry to hear that about your family. I hope you feel better with everything.

  5. when I read again your article today and saw death in family, my condolences..

  6. "help me undress already" -- count with me!!!

  7. Hey, sad to hear about the death in the family =( Hope everythings holding up for you

    Sadly, my hatred of Haruka has forever tainted my view on Kanamemo. Which is was a shame, given that I rather liked that girl with the short hair (I forget her name, she's the not lesbian one).

  8. @Everyone: Thanks for the condolences. Obviously I shrank the font as small as possible, because even though I was saddened by it, I only wanted it to be a record of what happened at that time in my life. I'm doing ok now. Thank you everyone ^_^

    @Yamada: Heheh love that scene with the drunk guy too. I'd be scared too even when I'm not drunk XD

    @radiantdreamer: "Cleaning my room". Which means it's still in progress, lol. I've managed to unbox a lot of figures, but I barely made a dent in my pile of mess >_<

    @Wolf: I'm so behind on my blogrolls... I'll be catching up with yours soon. And sorry to everyone who I'm behind with the blogrolls on... I'll catch up someday!

    @Yi: Yes... there are a lot of pussy... cats. XD

    @phossil: AHAHA! Be glad of help, eh? :P

    @Snark: Ya, it's unfortunate for just one character or aspect of the story just turn you off from the anime. That happened to me when I was watching Princess Resurrection... Prolly cuz I was reading the manga and they changed one major thing in it. And that girl you're talking about would be Hinata. She's a favourite for me as well =D