Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goth Lolita Ryomou Shimei Figure

Orchid Seed 1/7 Ryomou Shimei ~Goth Loli Version

My favourite version of Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen. I remember seeing the cover for Battle Vixens (the unfortunate title that Tokyopop uses here) volume 10 and just loving the art! So sexy yet stylish.

This was the first ever figure I ordered from Hobby Search. I knew this figure existed but didn't know where to get it until someone from Anime Figurine Network on Facebook suggested it. I can't remember who it was, but he also suggested to order more than one figure because the shipping is expensive!

I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Yuji Shiozaki, the creator of Ikki Tousen, at Sakura-Con 2008. I didn't bring the figure for him to sign, but I got other stuff that got signed... But that's another story.

The base looks cool too, even though the picture is over-exposed...


  1. And once more im snooping around in your old posts.

    So hows the Quality?HLJ has her Pink Version on Sale but im not too sure if shes worth the money.

  2. It's a bit inconsistent as you can see in the picture. The gloves, the sword and the hair are pretty badly painted, but the dress and her body parts look great! I can't really say too much since I'm not such a good judge of figures. I bought her because she's a personal favourite, especially the dress.

    When I couldn't find the black dress one I was tempted to get the pink one, but she just doesn't look as badass as this one XD

  3. Hey, nice model and thanks for the info about hobby search. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the fees you came across?
    Also from Van and would like to see how "expensive" everything totals up to.


  4. The fees is very random, so you won't get charged all the time, unless you get delivery from them every week... then you might be targeted for duty/taxes ^^; Items that cost more than $100 tend to get charged more often than something lower.

    But if you do have to pay the fee, then the breakdown is duty, GST and PST. Duty is 6.5%, GST is 5% and PST is 7%. Therefore you get charged an extra 18.5%. Oh and there's also a $5 handling fee to boot >_<

    The frequency is about 1 taxed package for every 10. But again, it's very random. You may not get charged at all.