Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secret Gundam Project II: Days 2-5

So this time my Gundam project took about 4 days to finish and I have no idea how many hours it took. Before I post the final Gundam I'll show you the progress it took to get there. Some of you may know what this Gundam is just by looking at the first picture.

The pictures above and below are the results of day 1 and 2. Colours are set and I've decided which piece needs that colour.

I saw the back of the torso and looking at the colours, I immediately thought of Kinder Surprise XD

On the third day I was cooped up in my room, so I decided to colour using the markers which doesn't give too much fumes. The knees and the legs get their colours along with the feet. I originally got a gray marker to colour the legs... but it was way too dark. So the next day I coloured it silver.

On day 4 was my last day of work, so I was able to stay up and worked a lot more on the kit. I've finally tried out the first actual paint I'm using on a kit instead of markers. I'm very surprised how well the colours match properly to the original.

And here's that ballcap joints that I was trying to make for the arms so that it could connect to the shoulders. I had an annoying time filing down the original ball on the left to what it looks like to the right. Filing, sanding... it was a pain in the ass I tells ya! One of them I actually used the plastic cutter to chop it down to size. The latter worked better... I'm in the process of acquiring actual ball caps. Hopefully they'll fit.

And here's the Gundam leg that gave me a good laugh. I believe this is the first time I've seen a Gundam with socks XD

On Wednesday, the fift day, I managed to get the labels/decals on the pieces I need them. I originally wanted to use the markers to make it, but it was futile. I printed them out on paper instead and cut them out, but they're so fricking tiny! I couldn't find a glue stick... So I went with this super glue thing called Mr. One Push Button. The thing I wanted to glue on is so small that some of the glue came on my fingers. My index finger and thumb was stuck for a second. It hurts like hell for a while after I pulled them apart >_<

The Gundam's all done now and I took pictures of it outdoors for the very first time (on Chun's urging). All will be revealed on Friday.


  1. Oh shit, now I'm definitely keen on seeing the finished product!

  2. Gundam with socks? I don't know if I am going to be ready for this...

  3. @Yamada: Danke!

    @Snark: Hehe it's all done now, thanks muchly ^^

    @YuKi-To: "I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
    I saw the sign
    Life is demanding without understanding" ~Ace of Base ... LOL XD

    @wolfheinrich: LOL you no like knee socks? XD I do prefer thigh highs myself ^^

  4. Should've went for thigh-highs. :P

    I saw your latest post before this, so that defeats the purpose of this "Secret Gundam Project". ^^;;

  5. @Tommy: LoL I have to be accurate no matter how much I like thigh-highs XD Ah well, it was a secret a few days ago :P