Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gomen Nasai...

I've been very caught up with a lot of my projects lately, from 4koma to Gundam that I haven't really read much of my comrades' blogs... So for that I apologize deeply...

I tend to leave a lot of comments on others' blogs and on, but lately I haven't had the time nor the energy. I don't even know what I do with my time either. I don't even watch that much anime nor do I play that much games. I fell behind and I couldn't catch up any longer. I hope one day to catch up again and browse all your blogs again.

I sincerely thank you all who's come to visit and supported me for this past year. I hope to get one week to just read everyone's blogs and maybe even leave a comment or ten. Just a quick update, I'm almost at that 1 year mark and I'm almost done with the Gundam project ahead of schedule. I had almost the whole day on Wednesday to get most of it done. Will post it as soon as possible ^^



    sorry here too. I tend to forget to update myself and then comment on others blogs ^^;

  2. Eh, no need to apologize; its not like you're obligated to read everyones' posts anyway =P

  3. Don't worry about it. ^ ^
    As Snark says, reading blogs should not be an obligation, and leaving comments definitely not one.
    Btw. good luck with your Gundam project.

  4. Digi Charat. Those were the good old days!
    Don't worry about catching up etc, you decide the pace of your life ^^

  5. No need to apologize, I bet everyone got errands to do though TwT

  6. Well, we all tend to get occupied one way or another, right?

    To be honest I haven't really paid much visit to DC anymore - there's simply too much stuff, and I've barely paid a visit to the new

    I too find that I start to have more than enough blogs for me to read, and combined with real life, you're gotta be damn amazing to have gone through all of them - I know I can't. Just pick up whatever you can and prioritise, I suppose?

  7. Thanks everyone! I do have this need to pay it back to others after you guys commented much on here... so I'd like to catch up as much as possible. If not what I've missed then at least the current events ^^;

    @CC: I guess content is important to a blog, eh?

    @Snark, Yi & Yamada: Thanks guys! I'll still try to catch up though ^_^

    @kodomut: Thanks! I like Puchiko better than Dejiko though XD

    @Q: Yah there are just so much to read there at and I can't read all of that XD Will try to at least prioritize everyone's current posts at least :)

  8. As long as you aren't like me, going from doing all kinds of shit just to leave them at the middle and do nothing for a bunch of days ^^U

  9. @yakuri: I do that a lot for the video games I play XD