Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top Secret Gundam Project II: MATERIAL GET!

Last year at around this time I bought myself 3 Gundam kits... All that were to be destroyed or bashed, I should say into another. That Kitbash Gundam became Saber Gundam. It's now almost a year since I started my blog and I thought I'd make another kitbash for my first BlogDay(TM), the first anniversary of my blog.

Of course there's a reason why it's called "Top Secret" so I won't reveal what it is I'm making until next week. Which hopefully gives me enough time to actually make it XD

I'll let the picture do the talking and leave it to your imagination of what it is ^^


  1. Holy shit, creative kitbashes can be hella awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! >=D

  2. Looking forward to seeing some creative kitbashing as well. Maybe lesbian robots with Saber Gundam!?

  3. Hahah, thats a pretty cute saber gundam^^;

    >>Yi:0_o I think there was a picture of that...

  4. @Snark: Unfortunately I'm not really a good modeller, lol. But I'll try to make it as best as I could with my skills and materials XD

    @Yi: LoL that might be feasible ^^;

    @GunStray: Thanks ^.^ You don't mean this picture, do you?

  5. >> LS: That very picture still haunts me to this day >_<

  6. OMG, that Saber Gundam kitbash is funky...

    I would say you'll be kitbashing this bunch into a Saber Lily. :P

  7. Oh a new kitbash! It's been a while since your Saber Gundam so I'm looking forward to see what you will come up with the 3 00 kits ^^

  8. @GunStray: Hahahaha. Then you might not like what I have in store :P

    @Tommy: Funky? Hmm... I have to agree, the materials just didn't match with each other XD

    @Q: Aye, almost a year since I finished Saber Gundam ^^; Maybe this'll be an annual thing, lol