Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lunamaria Hawke Shrine

Gundam Seed Destiny may be 5 years old, but Lunamaria Hawke will always be in my heart, as you can see in this above picture... 18 individual Lunamaria figures, and 2 Zakus. The funny part was that I fell in love with her design instantly, yet I haven't seen the show yet at the time! Before I knew it the amount of figures were rivaling to my Ayanami Rei Shrine. The popularity of Gundam Seed Destiny wanes real quick as soon as the new one starts up, so it never reached the Ayanami standard.

By the way, I never cared for the Zakus... until Lunamaria piloted one! That Zaku above is my first Zaku and the one that reawakened my love for building model kits. Lunamaria is definitely a significant character for me.

It all started with one of my favourite Lunamaria figures made by Banpresto as you can see above. The one on the right is also one of my favourites out of all of them, made by Megahouse. Since they're my favourites, there has to be an obligatory panchira shot ^^;

Here are the rest of the big figures. The ones in the back are made by Banpresto, they all have white bases. Only the middle one looks good. The other ones I bought just because they were Lunamaria. Their faces look weird to me now. The ones with the red bases are made by Megahouse. The ones in the left and right were bought used from eBay. They didn't come with the boxes... It was risky, but I got a good deal out of it. Until I realized some of these figures are in the bargain section at Hobby Search. Oh well... too late now.

I also had a huge collection of Gundam Seed Destiny trading figures just because I was looking for Lunamaria in these random boxes... The one in the center of everything is my favourite out of all the trading figures. The ones on the left and right are variations of each other and I got both of them at the same time!

A lot of chibi/super deformed characters were also made out of Lunamaria! And they're just the cutest figures ever!! Cho kawaii!!! The ones on the left is my favourite, but they all look so cute that they're very close seconds -^^-

The final two figures are the Voice I-Dolls that Bandai released. The first one I bought was the normal I-Doll which had crackling voice chip these days... The Voice I-Doll Superior lives up to its name. Great voice quality and 10 voice clips! Unfortunately the figure leans forwards... I have no idea why it does that. I've talked to someone about it and he also had the same problem. I've uploaded a couple of videos so you can listen to them.

Random pics I have from when I was into her a lot more back then. I used to use them for my MSN picture ^^

And also another installment of 4-koma of Saber Lily VS Chouyusha Haruhi based on this shrine! I've animated a part of it to experiment :D

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 7


  1. You have quite an affection for Lunamaria heh. What do you see in her? I think I kinda prefer her sister hehe. Always look forward to your 4koma, keep up the good work.

  2. I think it was appearance at first since I didn't even watch the series when I first saw her. Short hair, thigh highs, sharp uniform and very cute! Pretty much the same reasons after watching the series ^^;

  3. Whilst I dig Luna's physical appearance, I was less then happy with SEED's portrayal of her as essentially a faux action girl >=(

    Nonetheless, that is one mighty impressive shrine.

  4. Aye, I was trying to remember what I liked about Lunamaria from the anime, but she didn't have that much impact compared to the male characters. The only thing I could remember about her is just how great she looked -_-

  5. I didn't know you had a another shrine other than the giant Rei and and the mini Asuka ones. xD Impressive.

  6. Coco, this is minuscule compared to the Rei one XD

  7. lol Saber and Haruhi find your collection creepy... ^^;

    Lunamaria isn't bad-looking for a tomboy look in terms of appearance, but her image in GSD has brought her down quite a bit. On the other hand I remember seeing another Lunamaria Hawke shrine somewhere on facebook's AFN group before (quite a while ago). I wonder whether yours is there as well :o

  8. @Q: Yeah those two are very picky T-T

    Maybe they ought to have a spinoff show just for Lunamaria, eh? And uh, that's probably my old picture of Lunamaria shrine ^^; I do remember someone else who had almost the same amount though. I wanted to update the picture to post on and make this comic ^_^

  9. OMG the more I see that saber lily the more I want .... must stop myself...

    what other figmas you have Lightning Sabre?

  10. @balancebox: LoL wait for the GSC PVC, it's probably cheaper than getting the figma XD

    Other than these 2 figmas, I have the whole Haruhi Suzumiya cast, the Lucky Star cast, normal Saber, Fate T. Harlaown, Shana, and Ryomou Shimei.