Friday, January 23, 2009

Yuiko Kurugaya from Little Busters

Toys Works 1/8 Yuiko Kurugaya

I've seen a lot of Little Busters merchandise lately and they are looking good. Just like this Yuiko figure... She's a completely impulse purchase. I knew I've seen her before and I really like her design and sexy pose, but I had no idea who she is. I knew nothing about the Little Busters series except that it's a computer game (the eroge kind) and it was made by Visual Art's/Key, the same creator of Clannad, Air and Kanon. I wasn't planning to buy any more figures of series that I didn't know about, but I was given a pretty good deal for her even... and the rest is history, which you can read below.

I thought I shouldn't be buying too many figures that is risque, but she's irresistable, maybe it is the risque factor that made me buy her. Other figures of her also had her shirt unbuttoned without a bra like this as well... so I had no choice really.

I've had figures from Toys Works before, they weren't too bad. I did prefer this version better than the one Kotobukiya released. Though I didn't like how her left bosom is squished like that... I know it's plastic and they can't help it but sculpt it that way, but it's so obvious.

Ah, stockinged feet, I love it! ...yea, it's confirmed, I do have a minor foot fetish -_-

Another Shana look-a-like shot, especially with that sword in her hand. The ribbon makes her look like the long-haired Haruhi though. The hair sculpt is very detailed. A major plus for long haired characters!

Her hand looks a bit strange though. It's suppose to make her look like she's lifting her skirt, but somehow it doesn't seem to be attached. It looks better in this picture though.

Her eyes is too shiny compared to her hair. They made it look like just a sticker being stuck onto her face. Very minor complaint though. Besides I don't really pay attention to those pair of eyes. ^^;

Gratitious panty shot! I don't really like the flattened body parts so that she's stable on the base... But I pretty much explained why it's flattened.

Gotta take advantage of that mirror base. This is a better view of her face since the mirror is reflecting the light from above towards her face. The picture above make it as if she's staring at my website ^^

Pretty good figure overall, especially for an impulse buy. I'm happy with it, especially since I got a pretty good discount for it. Oh and this is the first time I'm posting a lot of pictures ever since I found out how to show only the preview of the blog post and when someone click on it they can read more of it. So look forward for posts with more pictures!

A more subtle panty shot ^^;


  1. nice shots of her. I never got into the whole Little Busters thing but this looks like a good impulse buy. I like how detailed they made her, and she's not overly ecchi ^^

  2. She has beautiful hair, I can see why you bought on impulse.

  3. that is a really nice figure and the hair is really nice

  4. Nice Get! At least she's not cast off despite the lack of bra :P

  5. Aye I really love the hair. Well sculpted.

    @chun: LoL if it was a castoff then you'd see how squashed her left bosom is XD