Friday, January 16, 2009

Enmai Ai, the Hell Girl

Alter 1/8 Enma Ai

Confession time... I've never seen Jigoku Shoujo aka Hell Girl at all. I've read the first volume of the manga and was quite bored with it after a few stories. The concept is so easily repetitive. I'm sure ever story is different, but I don't have the time or money for it. With that out of the way let's move on to the figure.

This figure was one of the ones that I bought without knowing the series... but those eyes, that face, those bare feet... I must have her! And I was not disappointed. She looks great.

Such cute feet! Am I developing a foot fetish??

I love this base. It's quite a change from all those circular bases I see for other sitting figures. I think Alter is great at making different bases. I haven't been disappointed by Alter at all. The straw doll is not much of an accessory though, but then again I'm not a big fan of tiny loose accessories anyway. They're cool, but I'd rather have them attached than losing them somewhere.

Her eyes here have a very shoujo manga look at this angle.

Of course since she's 1/8 scale, she's very tiny. I don't mind since that'll save some room. Even her box is quite small. It was well worth it since I wanted this figure at first sight. This was also the first time I'm taking pictures with a tripod... yeah, where have I been? XD It was because my brother got a tripod this Christmas, so I'll try it out for him ^_^ I took lots of photos of her because of this. I would've posted more pictures, but I held back.


Gotta have a shot of those white pantsu ^^;

The return of the mirror base!


  1. Mmmmmm, such a moe figure ^^

    Agree on the story dude, gets real old real fast, though I did enjoy the artwork and page layouts... made for some "interesting" reading ^^;

  2. Hee hee! Cute figurine. Oh and there's nothing wrong with a foot fetish. I don't know.

    By the way, some of the merchandise I buy? I have never played or seen the source. Of course, I know what the series are though.

  3. @Burford: The art sure looks good, but it was quite a strange art style for that series.

    @聖者: LoL, I've been developing a lot on that fetish... so many cute feet out there that needs appreciation ^^;

    I think by not knowing I could limit my spending, but that doesn't work lol.

  4. nice figure, especially the pose. and don't worry, i already have a little foot fetish ^^;

    and btw, you asked on dannychoo about the decals. waterslides are transfered by soaking the decal in water, slapping it onto the piece, and drying the decal. dry transfers is just rubbing.

  5. Ah thanks for the info on the decals, gsquared :D I know I like the waterslides better already lol.

    And thank you for the foot fetish support XD I ought to make a post about that someday.

  6. There aren't many Enma Mai figures out there, and I didn't know this one is from Alter. My sister really likes her seiyuu's voice though.

  7. I don't mind small figures, because they're cheaper and require less room.

    It's okay - I got bored watching Jigoku Shoujo, too. It's interesting how you purchased a figure from a show you don't like? Either way, nice photo shoot.

  8. @Q & M12_Vinja: It might be because of this figure that I trust Alter a lot, that's why I bought a figure that I didn't really know about. I didn't like it until much later when I read the manga. I just know she looks good ^^

  9. I like Jigoku Shoujo, I'm watching the 3rd series as it comes out.. Anyways this is a figure I'd like to get in the near future, unless of course they grant my deepest desires for a version with her trademark kimono, that's what I really want.

  10. I love Enma Ai.

    Haha I wish they would make a figma of her. I can only wish.

    Lovely figure...lovely base. Isn't that kinda old? How did you get one?

  11. @blood on the mirror: I ordered her AGES ago when she first came out. It's only recently that I took pictures of her ^^;

  12. heh ~ this doesn't look that good to be honest
    but then again maybe back then the standard for figures was much lower.
    and I suppose ALTER at one time was also a small figure company

  13. @kaionIriu: This came out after the Saber Maid. Perhaps it depends on the sculptor as well. But I was immediately enamored by her eyes. I wasn't going to get it, but I was becoming an Alter fan around this time, so I got it anyway. You'd be surprised how many people are after this figure :P