Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sakura Con 2012 Acquisitions

What's a convention without getting some stuff to buy to bring home, right? The strangest part about this loot is the fact that I didn't buy any shirts! This doesn't happen very often! I usually get at least one shirt from a convention... But maybe I just remember that I have too many already as it is... Oh also, that Durarara manga is a freebie and I forgot to take more photos of it. So this is the only time you'll see it :P Ah and pardon the quality of some of the photos. When I took the photos I thought they looked good enough on the display, little did I know I didn't have enough lighting for some ^^;

First up is a unique item and since it's Misaka Mikoto, I had to get it! Sure it looks like a normal wall scroll, right? Well there's a wire going down from the topside and you can plug in a music player into it and BAM! Wall scroll speaker! If I have time I'll make a video of it.

I think I spent most of my money that I brought at the Obitsu booth... I was hoping they would have the Obitsu 1/3 scale stand and they did! Glad I saved on shipping for this one. They didn't have all that I wanted though, but my friend got the ones she requested of me before the Con. Obitsu 11cm bodies which comes with underwear this time around. Or as I'd like to call it, "tiny panties." I think the Obitsu VP remembers me from last year or perhaps it was a special thing they had for Sakura Con; they gave me free two pairs of shoes for the Obitsu 11cm :D So nice of them. The dresses I had to buy separately though and cost me some pretty pennies ^^;

I really need to get going on watching Gundam AGE. I'm missing out a lot it seems. I love the designs on the grunt unit better than the Gundam, so I had to buy an Adele, while I bought the Titus so I can modify my Madoka figma :3

Ika Musume Blu-Ray was released early and quite cheap, might I add! Now I need to get rid of the first volume DVD that I bought ^^; I bought the Vocaloid keychain from Kinokuniya, but mostly for MEIKO, lol.

I also got to look around the Artist Alley. I was mostly looking for doll things, but couldn't find any... But I found these little gems! Marle and Chrono's cat are beads with magnets attached at the back! Really cool looking. I had to get them right away! I need to track down the artist because I wanna see if she has more of them :D Azumanga Daioh and bubble tea... What more cute you ask?

New dresses for MEIKO! Yes, that is MEIKO under that blonde wig XD These new dresses aren't from Sakura Con itself though. I ordered from Maridah's BJD Atelier store and got them there :D Thank you Maridah!

I would enlarge these photos but the colour and lighting was awful ^^;

She also included these two items in the package ^o^ Thank you very, very much Maridah! For that, I made an extra comic here for her ^^

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Special 9
Ya... Saber just can't do nice things ^^; If you know your film and big budget movie techniques you know what green screens are used for. If not then it's basically used to add a new background later on that replaces the green screen. Oh and I have to credit CosplayShots too, the photographer of the original Maridah casual Saber. I had quite a chat with him while we were at Sakura Con :)

And of course you can always read the whole series of 4koma comics at The Melancholy of Saber Lily site.

Here's a bigger version of the edit for the first two panels. I tried to match the colour, but well... It's a bit off ^^; Thanks again Maridah for letting me use this photo :)

And here are the signed stuff! Got my copy of Phantom of Inferno signed by Urobuchi Gen! I wanted the boss of Nitroplus to sign it at AX last year, but I forgot to bring it =( I still have the old passwords inside the case! Copy of my Full Metal Panic signed by Tateo Retsu, who is such a cute lady ^^ While Iwakami Atsushiro and Ota Katsushi signed the Fate/Zero postcard!

I was also able to exchange some business cards with some people there :D I finally got a card from Obitsu since I didn't have my business card last year at Anime Expo... The Wonder Woman cosplayer is Pink Bunnie, a friend of Maridah, also from my home province of BC. Ashe sorta greeted me out of nowhere and I wasn't sure if I've met her before or not ^^; Apparently I looked like one of her friends. She was cosplaying as Saber from Fate/Zero. I exchanged cards anyway, lol. I got the Aniplex card after the interview with Urobuchi Gen just so we can co-ordinate the interview articles.

This is the back of Ashe's card. Really cool!

My press pass badge :)

Not really mine, but I took this at an Artist Alley booth and this artist (whom I should've gotten a name/card from...) had a Blue Fairy Xiao sitting around and I asked if I can take a photo.

And lastly... I really wish I took this home as a loot. I want a Chogokin God Sigma now!!!


  1. Awesome! Wish I could have gone too?

  2. WOW!! i can drool your Gunplas & some for a while...lucky i got my own 1st rared figma named Saber...2 more De~geso ^Y^

    1. Oh ya! Congratz on figma Saber :D It's a good thing they re-released her, especially for Fate/Zero :)

  3. Didn't expect that the Biribiri wallscroll is also a speaker! I'm curious to see how well it works as one :o

    Gundam AGE is so-so, but second generation picks up a bit better than the first one. While I haven't bought any Gunplas from AGE yet, I too admit that grunt machines look cooler than the Gundams themselves ^^; Adele is actually a mass produced grunt of Gundam AGE-1 btw~

    1. I'll eventually make a video out of it eventually. I need to find a good spot for it ^^;

      Oh? Adele is still from AGE-1? I've never seen it in the show 0.o I struggled through the first generation... The next episode is the next gen, but I'm still too lazy to watch it ^^;

  4. This is really random, but I was searching some of the art I made on google image search, and I'm the artist of that Azumanga Daioh poster with the bubble tea! I'll be at SakuraCon again this year (2013) But this time in the Exhibitor's part of the convention. (When you enter all the way to the left hand side, the last row!)

    It'll be under A to Z Photography! Hope to see you soon! My name's Aleks :)

    1. Ah, nice to meet the artist :) It was just recently that I found out I'm actually going to Sakura-Con this year. So I will try to find your booth this year. That's good news that you got exhibitor part now ^_^ See you there!