Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Doll Meet 2012

Right after the second day of Fan Expo I made my way to the spring doll meet that already started, though there were still a few people that arrived later than me ^^; I brought along MEIKO, Helen and my newly purchased alpaca plush from Fan Expo. Quite a popular animal during the meet XD

There were a couple of other SQ Lab/DD customs during the meet aside from MEIKO.

Cute widdle mermaid! Not sure if I like the webbed hands though... Might be something I need to get used to.

Yes, I purposefully angle the photo here so that it looks like Kudo is trying to poke inside Saber Alter's dress behind her.

Helen looks like she's having fun with her new alpaca companion... Though she might be too heavy for the plush still... Don't tell her that I said she was heavy.......

A couple of idols!

I had a story in mind when I saw these two in the viewfinder. He looks troubled while she's asking him, "what's wrong?" ...And go from there.

Something about her eyes made me feel like this photo didn't do it justice. I couldn't tell which angle I should be taking ^^;

Mmmm... Bacon! XD

By this time, MEIKO does not look like MEIKO anymore... So I'm calling her "MEIKOver" when she's not in her usual MEIKO outfit, courtesy of Flamebyrd who made that pun.

Alna now has a sidetail!

Poor guy... He's trying to be a gentleman while trying not to look down into the valley... ^^;

Love the jewel choker! I have something like that too that I should use more often...

The cool kids.

Two Nendobitsu! Taiga is Airs' new girl... Sorta ^^

Girly long legs! This tan skinned girl has really long legs that she caught my eye quickly. She's the meet host's girl, btw. I had to ask about her, lol.

This pair look so relaxed.

A very interesting pose... He's asking you to help stretch him out, it seems.

A complete MEIKOver... I would never imagine her in a light blue dress like this before... She is soooo not MEIKO XD

And then she grew twin tails XD

Alna was feeling very hot...

Better late than never. This mother and child pair arrived late, but I still got photos of them both!

Once in a while I want to try a different angle when taking photos... I took this right above them. Gives off a different feeling for this photo, but not sure what.

And lastly... Saber Alter and angry bun! Super cute ^^

Since I recently upgraded my Flickr, I decided to frickin use the heck out of it... Way more photos from the meet on my Flickr!


  1. Pretty amazing how changing a doll's wig can change the look so much like a different person or character. Your Meiko sure had quite a bit of MeikOver there!

    Your alpaca plush seriously made me laugh XD

    1. Ya, but I still think MEIKO has that sassy look, maybe even sassier as a blonde XD Hahaha ya that Alpaca has been held on, hugged so many times at the meet that I lost count!