Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saber's Fake Birthday and the Reality Marble Cake

It's Saber's birthday once again and looks like they're having a party by eating a "reality" marble cake XD

Edit: Sadly, I found out that this birth date is made up T-T ...I apologize if I somehow caused an argument regarding her real birthday. Her birthdate is not mentioned anywhere in Type Moon's work unfortunately. Oh well, let's just have fun with it regardless :)

This was last minute photos and post unfortunately... I completely forgot since I've been busy and very tired this weekend ^^; The marble cake is made by mom, btw. Also, Happy Mother's Day!

I also decided to put in Saber as my phone wallpaper for a while... I figured a new art by Takeuchi Takashi would be a good one.

Uh-oh... The Sabers are angry... They just finished the cake and they want more 0.o

OMAKE: Saber Nendoroid heads!


  1. Wow! I was saying a "Happy mama day" to my mom..err, those who saber (i dunno how many of them) seems happy to ate that piece of cake...that's not a lie

    Anyway Otanjobi omedetou.. ^Y^

    1. No, it's not a lie cake! They ate it all up! D:

  2. I want some reality marble cake.