Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 Backlog Part 3: Mostly Dolls

And finally... The last part of my backlog. It ranged from mid-September to early December. Many events that I failed to post right after they happened, but usually it's because I go home late, tired and then the next day my work week starts again... ANYHOO... Now that I have a bit of time, here are the last of my 2011 backlog!

These ones is Chun's Himitsu's changes. Since I ordered a Volks DDII body for MEIKO, I asked if she wanted anything too... Specially since she's making the clothes. Notice the difference between the first and second picture on Himitsu? :P Also, this was the planning stages for MEIKO. The boots Himitsu is wearing was supposed to be for MEIKO, but it was a hassle to wear, so it's sitting somewhere in my room.

Sometime in October someone was kind enough to give me this chair. Which sorta fits Helen ^^;

Then on MEIKO's birthday we had a marathon... Whilst Alna (perhaps a future Luka), gets acquainted with MEIKO ^^;;;

A couple of new girls also showed up with MEIKO. The one on the left is Galamirix's Yuzuki and my Index on the right.

It was Movember! Navci's Chi grew a mustache overnight!

Our host's dollies, Ayako and Kaelin.

Alna is persistent, but MEIKO plays it cool.

Later on we went to a park for a quick photoshoot. It was getting cold real fast. I was also very worried about Helen falling in ^^;

Gorgeous sunset, yes?

I think I took this photo for Galamirix, but I never got it to him ^^;

When we got back Alna found a new drunken underage victim ^^;

Random MEIKO shot... Not sure what reason I took this photo, but here she is, posing sexily!

These few ones are from MysticaGrey's birthday meet. It took place a week after her birthday but there was another meet at the time.

This window became the Dollfie Dream corner XD

Very pink Haro cake!

Visited Chun again for some reason... I can't remember why XD I think it was after some fabric selection shopping?

No, I was not the one who placed the microphone there... Care to guess who did it? :P

Small dollies meet even smaller Popuras!

Meeting at a tea place. All you can eat food and dessert! Yum yum!

Tasty looking dessert!

Helen's new outfit during a hot pot dinner :) It's Haku! It's a bit big for her, but they fit ok.

Last shot! XD


  1. Soooo many dolls! <3 <3 <3
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. @Ovada: You're welcome :D There are lot more coming too, hahaha.

    @chun: Mwahaha! :P

  3. Lots of dolls 0_0 Favorite out of all that would be the Helen and the chair. Nice.

  4. @Arctic_Kitsune: Yes, lots of variety! Thanks! I just happened to have her wearing that outfit when I got the chair XD