Friday, February 10, 2012

Japanese Snacks and a Very Special Chocolate

Yowza! Another post that's behind. Some of these snacks came late last year. I've been wanting to post about this, but couldn't find the time... Stupid SWTOR... Anyway... Here are some snacks from Japan. One is from SUTORAIKU Anime and JList, and the other two is from Chun.

The first one is something I won back in September when I retweeted SUTORAIKU's tweet. It's Morinaga's sweet potato flavoured caramel.

As delicious as it looks! I love caramel :D

This is one of the ones from Chun. I think she said Mrs. Choo recommended it to her. It's pretty good. It's kinoko? Meaning mushroom? It tastes a bit nutty though with a mochi gummy inside.

I had a little nibble on the lower left corner. Very sweet! ^o^
And here's that VERY SPECIAL CHOCOLATE!!! I don't know how I'm going to eat this! It feels too cruel to eat Mikoto (though that can sound dirty). This homemade chocolate was sent by my very good friend, Yakuri. I didn't know she can draw with chocolate! This was to be a Christmas present, but it didn't come til around the Chinese New Year :P But since I'm posting around this time, can I call this a Valentine's Day chocolate? ^_________^

She also included many sketches she made for me :D This one is new. Chibi Saber! ^^

This one I kinda forced requested her to draw for my 200th post :)

This one came out of the blue, or maybe I mentioned something about wanting to see Saber and Rei in a yuri situation and she drew it ^^

I had this image in my head that it was nice that Yaku drew it out for me to be a permanent image on paper, lol!

I love this one! My Ayanami Rei Shrine has some kind of fame so Yaku thought it'd be nice to have a Miko Rei for my shrine XD

I don't remember the circumstances for this art, but I was totally surprised to see two of my favourite lolis little sister characters together in one fanart ^o^

And lastly since it's close to Valentine's Day :P


  1. Nice! Nobody sent me anything. You must be nicer than me. ^^;;

  2. Dude, you better eat that chocolate fast XD And no, you can't call it a Valentine's chocolate, she's clearly wearing a santa outfit, it doesn't go with the holiday :P

    I think having it in the fridge and the heat during the shipping definitely messed up with the consistency, but I've seen plenty of chocolate do this without it going bad, so it's purely aesthetic. I'm not saying this so you don't sue me of food poisoning or anything! :D

    That Sakura/Imouto drawing was the prize for finding out the title of the fanfic showing in my mp3 player, or at least that's what I think it was lol, might be wrong ^^U

    Glad you liked it, I would've drawn more but... didn't feel like it lol XD

  3. @FatB: Being nice gets you things too!

    @yaku: LoL but the original outfit is red, so it can work as V-Day too XD I ate a lil piece after I took the photo. ^^;

    Seems to be ok when I ate it, but ya, you're right, I should eat it soon... Maybe on the 14th :3

    Oh, is that what Sakura X Imouto was for? I don't remember, lol, but you drew it, so I'm sure you remember it better :)


  4. Ah the petit-assort! I use to eat them in primary school!

    The Mikoto chocolate is very well drawn! I must admit that I will find it hard to eat up such well made art if I were you! ^^;

    1. I've never tried those ones before. I haven't opened them yet.

      Ya, I still haven't finished Mikoto yet XD