Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helen White's Snow Leap Day

Yes, this day only comes every four years, the snow leap day... Ok, maybe just the leap day... I was surprised this morning to see snow on the ground when I woke up. It's three weeks away from the first day of spring already... It's not thick snow and very wet and slushy, so it wasn't that bad to drive in. But at least I got to have my snow photos with Helen :D

It's her first time out in snow and thankfully she's now more equipped for snow than when I got her just a little bit after one year now.

It's not raining or snowing thankfully, so it was a good time to take photos.

Looks like she's having fun just walking in the snow.

Helen: "Can I play in the snow?" 
"Sure, why not."

Helen: "Okay, don't look yet..."
"Huh? Why?"

Err... Helen, why are you taking off your coat?
Helen: "I thought I said not to look..."

"EEEHHHH??? Why are you naked under that!?"
 Helen: "Tee hee. Surprise!"

"Come back here! It's cold! What will the neighbours think??" 
*Hears neighbour shuffling next door in the yard behind me (really!)*
Helen: "Come and catch me!"

Helen: "Heheh, hurry up! You're so slow!"
"Stop that now! Come back here"

"Cover up yourself woman!"
Helen: "I did. See."
"That's just one finger!
Helen: "It's enough :P"

Helen: "Iyaa, don't look! Tehehe!"

Helen: "Peace! V for Victory!"
I also got some new Obitsu hands, so this is a good opportunity to try them on XD

Helen's sexy pose...

"This girl is incorrigible."
???: "I'll come and get her."

"Oh Raven. You're fully clothed thankfully... And you got that blazer from Hobby Search now."
Raven: "Of course. Good thing too, it's a bit nippy here for me."

Raven: "Come on Ecchi Elen... Haven't you had enough fun already? It's cold out here."
Helen: "Fuuh... It's you. You're a spoilsport... I still wanna have fun out here."

Raven: "Oh... You want to have more fun, do you??" *grabby hands*
Helen: "Eh, eh? What are you gonna do? Stay back!"
Raven: "It's nice of you to get rid of the obstacles out of the way."

Helen: "Ahh stop! Stop!"
Raven: "Heheh, I thought you wanted to have more fun? I feel warmer already now."

"Err... girls... Ready to come in now?" ^^;;;

OMAKE/EXTRA: Raven: *Tries to sneak a hand in* Helen: "Knock that off..." 

I had to warm my hands after the shoot, so I left them on the chair... And Raven's already back in action ^^;