Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kotatsu 2012

Kotatsu is a mini convention that started by the same group that made the Cos & Effect event last year at UBC. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling very well, so I barely took any photos. Fortunately, however, I met with a couple of new anibloggers in Vancouver and older ones as well. I was finally able to meet with the head of SUTORAIKUanime, Akinari-kun and staff writer SabishiiMiruku. Along with them I also met with RadiantDreamer and Kaionlriu.

The "fortunately" part is at that they took some photos, so head on over to see the Kotatsu post over there at Sutoraiku ;)

Here's MEIKO with the tree on the Kotatsu with many people's wishes and messages hung on its branches.

Kaionlriu drawing Kyuubey :3

This is the only loot I got from Kotatsu. Cute macarons! Tasty too :3 They're locally based in Vancouver, so if anyone is interested head on over to their site for delicious sweet treats!

Green tea macaron was absolutely amazingly tasty!

Helen: "Oh such cute macarons! They look delicious too!"
"Don't forget to share with Raven."
 Helen: "Do I have to...?"

Helen: "Okay Raven, pick which one you like."
Raven: "I'll pick the middle one."

Helen: "Eh, there is no middle one... Err... Why are you so close to me all of a sudden?"

Helen: "Oh cr...."
"Don't be dropping those macarons, now, Helen..." :3

Yeah, sorry, this was just an excuse for me to take more yuri photos, lol. :P


  1. Lol. "just an excuse for me to take more yuri photos"
    At least you were truthful...

  2. Delicious <3

    I mean macarons :3

    Ok.. I meant the Yuri <3


    1. "Geppetto"? Wat da hek? XD Yes, yuri macarons are great!