Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patty's and Patty's Meet

It's two. Two. TWO MEETS IN ONE! Yes, we had two doll meets within days of each other. Well to be fair they were two small meets so they were much more manageable :) The first one occurred on St. Patrick's Day on Saturday. We expected almost 20 people... Then realized that most of the attendees on the Facebook page were dolls ^^;;; Anyhoo! We still had lots of fun!

Lots of dolls and lots of Dollfie Dreams too!

New girl Ameria (in red, a Luts Senior Delf) looks stunning! I especially love her outfit.

After a quick outdoor shoot we heard bagpipes playing all of a sudden. I think they're having practice. It was a nice day outside for it.

Lots of tinies! Yo-SDs are so dang dilly doo dah cute!

My Pureneemos also came along :D Saber has a nice green dress so she came too ^^ Flamebyrd's bunny is super cute and so is... Kyuubey... ^^;

On the left is Hikari giving the peace sign and on the right Helen is pointing at you! Raven just taking it easy this time around.

Then we have our group photo... The doll group photos, of course.

I asked mom to bake pandan cake which was perfect for St. Patrick's Day meet ^^ There were 20 pieces in the beginning and six left afterwards! This time around I uploaded the meet pictures on Flickr.

And then on Monday we had a meet at Urban Tea Merchant to meet up with Archangeli from Toronto! She was here for work but had the time to meet all of us in Van ^^ This is Archangeli's Médée in the picture above. Since it was on Monday there were only nine of us for the meet... Why aren't these people at work? XD LoL well some of us did have the day off or in my case, I have the night shift.

Wanted to try this perspective shot with my new camera.

Erio being cute sitting in the teacup ^^

This here is my lunch: Signature Cobb Salad. Some of the leaves were a bit sharp ^^; But I loved the grape tomatoes and the avocado. I've never had avocado in salads before.

I kinda wanted to try this brunch special but it seemed a bit expensive XD

Archangeli's Mr. Snuggles, the Siamese cat ^^ So kyuut! Kyuuter when posing with Kyuubey! :P

It was also interesting that the manager(?) of Urban Tea Merchant asked us if we can send some pictures to them and suggested to come in spring because the sakura trees outside their dining area would be blooming by then. The first time we had a big meet here we were kinda kicked out, but maybe because we took up too much space ^^;

Thank you for dropping by Archangeli! It was very nice to meet you and also showing the cupcake store in downtown, lol. I live here yet I don't know this place ^^; Hope to meet you again soon :D

There's also another set for this meet on my Flickr :)


  1. Mmmm panda cake envy! I am surprised they weren't all gone as they are generally very light and fluffy lol! And you're going punny lol

    1. Pun-dan cake! Nyuk nyuk nyuk! LoL I'm surprised there were only this many left because we had lots of other food and snacks there! I didn't eat any either in case others want to have it first ^^;

  2. May I have one pandan cake? has been a while I didn't eat it >_<

    Errrr, Erio >_<

    1. You want to eat the pandan cake or Erio? XD I asked my mom to make this, why don't you ask your mom? Hehehe.

  3. So much green, my favourite color! (if I had to choose one :P)

    Your food photos always make me hungry lol, I kinda wish I could order dessert on top of the main meal XD

    1. LoL you should have a favourite colour by now, shouldn't you? ^^;

      I do take a lot of effort to make sure my food pics look good :3