Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Backlog: January Doll Meet

Not even the end of the year and I'm already backlogged... Laziness and sickness got the best of me... Anyway, there were 2 meets in January. The first one took place on January 14th in Richmond.

Won't say much, I'll just post the pics and go... Been posting a lot of dolls as of late ^^; I need to change that. Will do a figma 4koma soon.

Twins? Kinda look like'em.


End of Meet 1. On to Meet 2!

The second meet took place in Langley/Walnut Grove near the end of January. I also bought a new hat and purse for Helen. Cute pandas!

There's a huge salt water aquarium at Chocolorange's house! Makes a great photo :D

A few more backlog photos, but might do something in between that's not doll related hopefully ^^;

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