Friday, October 22, 2010

Lions and Tigers and B★RS, Oh My!

Black Rock Shoot... Aaah, whatever... BRS is pretty much old news these days right? Which means it's a good time to make a post about Black Rock Shooter, hehehe. But really I figured since everyone's done their reviews already I could just stuff'em in their original packaging box that came from Toylet. Normally I don't order from them, but they had a special promotion...

So here is the box... I'll just leave them in the box for now...

*Rustle rustle*
What's that noise?

What the heck was that!?
BRS Figma: "Finally got out that box..."

BRS Figma: "Those packing peanuts are horrible."

BRS Figma: "YIKES!"

BRS Figma: "Nendo! I told you to wait while I make the exit."

BRS Nendoroid: "I don't like waiting."

BRS Figma: "Another one!?"

BRS Plushie: "Ugyuu..."
BRS FIgma: "Does she even have a cannon?"
No, she doesn't, by the way... What a disappointment...

BRS Figma: "She looks sleepy..."
BRS Nendoroid: "She's been sleeping too much. She's not used to the bright lights..."
Kinda funny looking, but the plushie still looks cute. Though I was thinking she would be bigger... But I guess that's the promo from Toylet. Buy both the Figma and Nendoroid get a free plushie. I should've known it wouldn't have been a big one...

Anyway... I guess I should get to the point of why I titled my post with a pop culture, Wizard of Oz reference. And what better way to explain than with a couple of 4koma!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 40
Here's the "tiger" part... I'm sure some of you already know that it's Lum's body. Lum's head is much bigger, so Black Rock Shooter's head looks really tiny here. Oh and I did order BRS, Black Blade Version, but I cancelled it because I didn't have the money at the time. Do I regret it? Probably not.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 41
Seriously... It's that cold here! Mostly because of the house too. It gets really cold since our flooring is granite. I'd turn on the heat, but the gas bill's been quite high these days. Poor Saber Lion. I don't know if you've guessed, but this BRS Nendo's face is my favourite ^_^ She looks cute and badass at the same time! And so here is the "lion" part from the title ^^; Who knew Saber Lion wears a black ribbon (like Lily's) under her suit...

These two comics are posted on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site already.

Oh and I didn't paint Saber Lion's hair. That'd be way too much work! I mean, I haven't blogged for almost a month already, think I have time for that? ^^;

So a quick Photoshop magic later, Black Rock Shooter fits into the lion suit in a jiffy! These two 4koma was just something out of the blue, but I really like the Black Rock Shooter figures here, so who knows what kind of fun I'll have with them :D Though for now I better continue the story arc with the titular character soon ^^;

And now I bookend the post with the back of the plushie :P


  1. LOL I totally laugh at Shooting the box , thats was awesome XD .

    GOtta get the BRs Figma its so cool

  2. lol @ tiger blade and with those stripey font xD

  3. Lol! Very creative and hilarious loot post.

    I totally agree, I also really like the Nendo face. Mine is displayed using that face.

  4. Wow lol didn't expect they'll shoot the box, I got both figma and nendo but not the plushie. It's sad the local retailer can't get the plushie nendo series.

  5. Exactly what part of BRS plushie is used to shoot a large hole in a box me wonders?

  6. @Denshaotoko: It was quite a challenge to get those blasts from the boxes angled correctly, but it's actually pretty fun!

    @YuKi-To: Hehe maybe if I find a real Black Blade, I'd repaint it to Tiger Blade XD

    @Toxyn: LoL, I guess it is a loot post, isn't it? ^^; It's a very cute face ^o^

    @Yamada: They have that cannon for a reason ^^; BTW, this isn't the nendo plushie series... It's smaller than that particular one.

    @FatB: I wonder as well... Where is she hiding her cannon?!

  7. Loved the unboxing sequence; that shit was fucking cute.

  8. Once again I'm jealous about how much fun you (seem to) have concocting posts. I wish anime-related sophistry would allow me to cut holes in boxes and photographically arrange those peanut-things.

    I've got the open-eyed version of the plush, and to this day have done absolutely nothing with it. I was really excited getting it, but upon staring at it afterward I realized I had no idea what to do with it. It doesn't even stand up, do I hang it from somewhere? See, if I had a 4koma like you I wouldn't be bothered by this quandary.

  9. hehheh I like the nendo and figma's grand exit from the box XD the plushies' exit is more cute than grand LOL

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! That must be the most creative post I've ever seen of unpackaging anime goods XD

    I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at figma BRS when I saw her in Anime Jungle; she looks significantly smaller than other figmas (or maybe it's just my dellusional self playing tricks on me again)

  11. The face of the BRS plushie... It reminds me of the 囧 emoticon ^^;

    And nice get on all 3 different BRS merchandise~

  12. @Tim: "Arrange"? What do you mea... Uhh... I mean, yea, that's right, I arranged those peanuts that way >.> Peanuts aside, I tend to have all sorts of ideas, but sometimes the execution doesn't look as good ^^; Your posts are fun because of your great writing. I can't compete with that XD

    I kinda wish the plushie was better looking ^^; I still like it though. And who says you can't do your own 4koma?

    @Chun: I thought the Nendo's exit is kinda cute too XD But yes, the plushie is MEANT to be cute after all ^^

    @Yakuri: Hehe thank you ^^ I do think that BRS Figma is small too. I haven't had a real good side-by-side comparison but just putting her head on Lum's body, it looks like she's small already...

    @Q: Haha ya, that expression. I was kinda disappointed with the face, but it's growing on me.

  13. That plushie is funny looking, but in a very adorable way. That lion BRS comic is so funny and cute. I love her!

  14. @Yi: Yeah the face on the plushie is becoming quite adorable for me. Hehe, I'm kinda liking that face on Saber Lion's outfit XD

  15. ...How suspicious... Don't think I wouldn't notice you shying away when you tell me you arranged them...
    I knew it! You ARE actually amassing an army of sentient figures and dolls with which to conquer the interweb!

    Pfeh, great writing? I don't think it works like that. The day I'm capable of great writing is the day we manage to topple your unstoppable army.

    I recently got a Meiling plush, and now I'm trying to make sense of that. I cradle it lovingly, HNNNG at how cute it is... But ultimately, it doesn't do anything! Excruciating.

  16. @Tim: If only... if only... I'd make an army and take over Japan so I can get free stuff from there instead of spending money... I wonder if it was my army who hacked into Hobby Search :P

    Haha the pen is mightier than the sword, right? But seriously, still better writing than mine. Definitely caught my attention ever since I first found your site.

    You can always take a picture of her in your arms and about to kiss her on the lips... :3