Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Queen's Army

WEEELLLLL.... Not really the queen's army, but I thought I'd give it a post title where both subjects are covered. So apparently it's the fifth anniversary of my blogging on Blogspot (three days late). That is to say, it's my fifth blogday! Five years already and I'm starting to slow down here, sadly. There are so many subjects I've yet to cover but many things have been preventing me from blogging here. So... I blame Tumblr, Final Fantasy XIV, Project X Zone, life in general and work!

Anyway, enough excuses! Let's begin this 5 year extravaganza!

First picture might be of MISAKA army, but I will cover the latest in my Azone army: The Fairy Queen Asuna Titania! She is the "Queen" in the "Queen's Army" title, but I didn't post a photo with her and the army itself, haha. I have other Pureneemos I didn't even review, but since I just got Asuna, I figured it's a good chance for this fifth year post. Looks like Azone is sticking with these clear plastic boxes now for all their Pureneemo line. It's quite nifty and they look great, but sometimes hard to deal with since it's not as flexible as cardboard.

I bought Asuna because I figured she will be the first elven-eared doll I'll have...

...But how disappointed I was when I found out that the ears were actually separate and I have to stick it on myself... I used some tac-like substance to stick the ears on. Unfortunately because of the softness of Pureneemo heads, it doesn't stick very well. I hope they don't fall off and I'll lose the ears somewhere. I'm tempted to just permanently stick the ears on. Should I?

And here she is, her majesty Fairy Queen Asuna Titania on her throne! Lovely outfit and her ears actually stayed on the whole time I took these photos! I didn't put on her headdress though. I'm also afraid of losing that.

She is another shoeless character. There is a ribbon included to attach to her feet, but me and small ribbons don't work well together, especially if it ties in an odd way (see the instruction photo above).

Awesome braids! Which will make it harder to bring her around because of these braids. I don't want to ruin them...

A standing shot. They're using the new type of Pureneemo bodies even for the big sizes now. The shoulder are much more flexible now and the legs also spread apart a bit more so you can adjust them for better poses.

One of my favourite shots, but only now I noticed the colour difference between her ears and skin tone... That's what happens when you use different materials!

And now for the army part in the "Queen's Army"! We can also say that Mikoto is the queen here, since it is her army of MISAKAs after all! Currently I have 47 MISAKA... I have 6 more coming from my friend in October :P

And suddenly... A new 4koma comic!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 73
Oh, did I mention I have a Revoltech Woody? The infamous Hentai Woody? :P So yes, if you haven't figured it out, this is based on that famous Avengers line where Tony and Loki were talking. Except I added a third party :P

So here's a bigger picture of the MISAKA army...

And here is the Madoka group! These are the Lawson exclusive figures. After seeing them the first time, they were definitely a good match for the MISAKAs... Except these are made from a different material. They're softer plastic and the heads can't really be moved. Kyuubey is missing from this group ^^;

And here's the climactic scene! I think both side is just ready to beat Woody up... That's not an innuendo by the way...

Oh no Woody got a hold of Mami because he hears she gives good head! XD I'm really, really sorry for this last photo xP What a way to end this fifth blogday!


  1. Congrats on the 5 years. Nice army as well and that Asuna looks neat. Too bad those ears are more pesky than Purenemo Caster's foxy ears. I'd say just stick them on or at least make a custom-made carry case.

    1. Thanks! Oh ya, I guess the fox ears on Caster is on top, right? I really am thinking of just sticking her ears on permanently, lol