Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Having Too Much Fun at

Ok, so is the above picture sad or an incredible feat? I'm gonna say sad... At the rate I'm going I'll probably overtake the amount of Danny's comments in a couple of weeks, lol. I mean I don't even comment on every post, but I guess I do reply a lot to people's comments.

Am I just trying to get attention or just chatty? I don't know... I comment whatever I feel like, it just happen that I've had this much. The only DC member that is close in the amount of comments to me seems to be gordon, but still far away. Time for me to get a life perhaps? Ah but I am working already...

I guess after quitting World of Warcraft, I just wanted to fill a void, and seems like having fun at is the way to go. I truly am having fun courtesy of Mr. Choo and I'm grateful I found his site and the folks who resides in it ^_^

I contribute 10% of this:
Danny Average comment count went up to an average of 1200 per day on Should I keep the half a million comments in a single DB?via Twitter - 10:33pm [PST].
~Danny's Facebook status on March 10, 2009

Now I wonder if the site will self-destruct if I comment more than Danny...


  1. "Now I wonder if the site will self-destruct if I comment more than Danny..."

    Only one way to find out when u do beat it. lol

  2. And my comment count is nowhere near yours^^;;

    Next thing you could do is try and beat Tenrou's post count- I think I'll leave both

  3. Woops. Sorry bout that:p

    Here's the continuation of the previous comment-

    "to you"

    p.s Been lurking here for some time, but I do believe this is the first time I've commented- so here's a belated "hi":p

  4. @aprilius20: I don't mind people lurking either ^_^ I doubt I'll catch up to Tenrou on the news post count, but I'm almost there to Danny's comments XD

  5. lol mine's not even 10% of yours. I tend to lurk more than comment over there ^^;

  6. Well as long as you have a job nobody can say anything bad about you. I got a job and i also frequent as much as you, but i don't post as much. :p

    I'm actually in the process of slowing down and disappearing quietly. In my opinion most of the uploads are the same but from different members. And i can't stand the uploads from members who just wanna ring in viewers and comments. There is too much of that.

    Why read a blog about a figure review when there are millions out there already? Just look at the figure yourself and give yourself a review instead.

  7. @Loli Star: I feel somewhat guilty for trying to get people to my blog, but I try to make mine unique and interesting in text and pictures.

    But yeah, typical new figure release gets a lot of reviews at that time. That's probably why if I do reviews it'll be older and figures that aren't reviewed much XD

    I guess it depends on your preferences how much you want to stay on. You can always just skip some member news, or hide the widget forever and focus on Danny's news only (such as giveaways & articles). Heck I don't comment on every member news and I skip some too and I have this many comments... crazy!

  8. Does this deserve my praise or pity? I cant decide XD