Monday, September 30, 2013

Anime Revolution 2013

On August 16th to 18th, I attended one of the anime conventions in Vancouver. This one took place at Canada Place Convention Centre. I was looking forward to this convention and was not disappointed! I am blogging about it way too late though ^^; It has been over a month since it happened. Regardless! It was a draft with the photos posted in my blog and I intend to finish it!

Lots of itasha! These ones are actually made for Anime Revolution! Really cool :D There's even a booth in the Exhibit Hall where you can ask about adding graphics on your car.

First thing my friend and I visited was the Exhibit Hall and the Artist Alley where Puppy52 set up her booth there along with her friend, MaiLittleAlien. That was where I spent most of money at ^^; (The photo on the left with the Attack on Titan uniform is from another booth btw. Still cool!)

This is the setup at Chun's booth. It changed everyday!

This year, I also visited the maid cafe. I've never been to a maid cafe at a convention before and I had bad impression of it before. But since I wasn't alone and had a friend who was hungry, we decided to go in. I was more impressed than I thought. The moment we sat down a dance show on their stage just started with one of the maids dancing. Later on I paid to take a photo with her... The food was quite good too. They drew on our sandwiches with ketchup. Cute but it made it messy to eat ^^;;;

This was also the debut of Louisa Macaron D'Alpaca (Name not finalized). She is my new Mini Dollfie Dream. My friend gave me an outfit modeled on Louise from Zero no Tsukaima :D

Lots of papercraft displays too. A new one almost everyday.

And here is one of the major events I attended, or at least the most photos I took, the Lolita Fashion Show! Angelic Pretty was one of the guests for this convention and they are one of the more (if not the most) famous lolita brands in Japan.

I will just let the photos run its course and shut up because I don't really know anything about these dresses that well ^^; They're cute, but that's the best comment I have XD So enjoy!

Oh, a Gou cosplayer! But this is the best close up I have of the guests I look forward to meeting, Yamaguchi Kappei! I knew him as the voice of Ranma at first, but he's got a long list of work and he's still working a LOT! It was fun to hear him do Kuma's voice from Persona 4 live! He had to warm up first though.

Chun's new setup for Saturday and Goku is added on the display floor!

On Saturday we attended the Origa concert. She is known more for the opening to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, but also has a great singing voice. She really soldiered on even with all sorts of technical difficulties happening...

Sunday I get to see Furuya Tohru up close! The voice of Amuro Ray from Gundam! Kakkoii! I was able to ask him a question during his Q&A panel and asked him about what he thought of playing Ribbons Almark in Gundam 00. He really loved it and I got a very long and detailed answer! ^^

This is the display on Sunday at Chun's shared booth. :) Lots of different types of vendors there, but I didn't buy too many this year, thankfully!

It's the end of the convention. I look forward to see what AniRevo got up their sleeve next year!

Parting shot: Here's my friend's Misha and my Louisa with MISAKA, alpaca, Ika Musume and Nyanpire!

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