Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Car!!

Yes! It's April Fool's Day again! It's like how they yell it out loud in Price is Right! A new car! Just got this new baby and I couldn't wait to take photos of it! ^o^

I had to ditch my old Mitsu Lancer though, but look at these awesome fangs in the front. Almost like the Batmobile :D

It's a Volkswagen Jetta! A black one at that :D Jetta Black, I call it!

A Volkswagen to carry my Volks DD! I still have to get used to the car though. It's a bit harder to accelerate and steering is heavy, but the stereo's display is great! It lists the MP3 info in the MP3 enabled stereo. Didn't have that on the Lancer.

"Why is the initial to my name upside down?" MISAKA asks curiously. Silly MISAKA. It's a W not an M ^^;;;

Love them rims!

Here's the view from the front. Very cool! Oh and if you noticed, I updated my watermark. It's a bit cheesy, but I wanted to try out something different. I might revise it again later. What do you think?