Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Biri Biri Birthday Mikoto!

May 2nd is Misaka Mikoto's birthday! Happy biri biri birthday! Since my schedule has been very busy I can only include a few figures in my collection for this gathering ^^;

Mikoto looked very surprised to getting her cake! Oh and pardon the slightly intrusive watermark. An incident left me annoyed how easily my old ones were cropped, so I'm starting to put them in the middle of the photos where it's appropriate.

There's no candle, but you can still wish for something Mikoto-chan! "I wish I can live in a fantasy setting!" Mikoto says not knowing what to expect...

"Eh... Not what I was expecting..." Looks like Misaka became Mikasa! Something I keep seeing now that Shingeki no Kyojin have become popular is how people mixing up their Misaka and Mikasa ^^;

She's ready to shock a titan down to size... Or a certain perverted Level 4 Teleporter...

Back to the cake... Don't forget to share it with your sisters Mikoto-chan! "My sis...ters...???"

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