Monday, June 30, 2014

Mirai and Pet, and June Update

On the last Friday of June, I was able to visit Chun, the local owner of a brand spanking new Smart Doll Mirai ^_^ These days I have a bad habit of going somewhere not empty handed. If I do, I feel so empty and naked, lol. I looked around the house to see what I can bring... So for this visit, I brought my latest Nendoroid as well! Asuna as Titania with the bird cage included! I have to thank Sayoko, who went to Sakura-Con when I couldn't, for buying this Nendoroid for me.

But even if it is Asuna, that's actually Mirai Nendoroid head inside the cage, hehe. Mirai has a Mirai pet! Or "Miraisuna" as Chun likes to call her :P Smart Doll Mirai was able to hold the cage with her two hands! I always think of Nendoroids as a bit heavy, but no problems here!

I was having fun trying to figure out a good angle to take a photo with the cage. I did handle the Smart Doll a bit. She is quite sturdy and not loose, but I guess I still have a fear of handling something expensive that isn't mine ^^;; So Chun posed Mirai most of the time.

I tried posing the head, but it seems I keep messing up the hair XD So this was the best shot of Mirai looking at Miraisuna in the cage from the side view.

I find this one really cute! Oh and I apologize for the irregular sizes of the photo. I mostly took this on my HTC One. I still have a bad habit of leaving out a space where the shutter button is, so I cropped everything after.

Very flexible Mirai! She was able to bend her back a little bit more so she can look up while kneeling down! Impressive Smart Frame!

In my head, this was Mirai trying to touch Miraisuna, but she backs away even though she is tied to the sides.

I love ominous looking shots like these, especially from Miraisuna's perspective.

Alas Mirai decided to just open the cage and go for touchy feely :P Boop on the nose!

Suddenly she changed to MISAKA! I also posted these photos on my Instagram, so I tried not to post the same photos here.

"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!"
For this photo, I had a James Bond villain kinda vibe to it. And, of course, tiny MISAKA isn't far behind when I'm around :P

Had some treat as well! So delicious! I didn't take photos of the other two cakes since I was really tired from posing stuff XD But they were all so good!

And now for other June updates... I recently received both my cosplay items for Dva from Sekai Seifuku or World Conquest: The Plot of Zvezda. Not cheap, but this thing is just hella cool! Now I'm ready for the apocalypse and other gas attacks!

I also got hooked to Love Live! I marathoned the first season quickly so I can catch up to the second season. That last episode was just so beautiful. The last two episodes made me cry. This game on Android (and iOS) also made me cry because sometimes they're quite hard to do! I'm bad at rhythm games...

Hoshizora Rin is definitely my favourite µ's member. The alpaca is just too darn cute! XD Watch the last episode of the 2nd season for a HUGE revelation!

I started reading Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School). It's the most hilarious thing ever! It's also quite ecchi, which helps me liking it ;P I was reading this around 4 am and I could not help but burst out laughing! I can't believe how ridiculous this manga is!

And finally just before June is over and before I finish off this post, I watched Tiger and Bunny Movie: The Rising. I didn't like the premise of it originally, but I warmed up to the series. I still haven't finished it either, only halfway, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Here's a trailer of The Rising.


  1. I was reading the prison school a bit too a while back, couldn't remember the name but thought your image looked familiar lol

    1. LoL I'm surprised you were reading that too XD But I realized it's just too funny not to be read by everyone! Ok, maybe if they're mature enough ^^;