Sunday, August 31, 2014

Anime Revolution 2014

Another Revolution ends and time for a post-convention blog post! Last week, on August 22nd to 24th, was Vancouver's Anime Revolution at Canada Place Convention Centre. I went on revolutionary one cosplay per day con! One was a failure, one was pretty fun, and one was secret. But it was a mostly fun convention, cosplay or not, especially going around with friends.

One of the main reason for my friends to come to Anime Revolution was this lovely lady: Inoue Marina. You may know her as the voice of Laura Bodewig from Infinite Stratos, Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann, Yozora from Haganai, Yatogami Touka from Date A Live, and many, more roles! Ogata Megumi was also one of the guests, but I could not get a picture of her. Every first panel of the first day featured Inoue Marina! Definitely worth getting up for. She wore a yukata on the second day. Unfortunately the translator had a hard time translating everything the guests were saying.

Sinon from Sword Art Online II! Lots of cosplayers and many recent series, which I'm surprised with. This post is a bit of mix of everything instead of focusing on just one thing. I was in cosplay, so taking photos were harder on other days.

Puppy52 had a booth again this year! Okay, maybe half a booth ^^; She brought Senmei custom DD and Mirai Smart Doll with her.

A MISAKA Sister! Ok... Maybe not sister, but... ^^;;; Well it's Misaka nonetheless.

60m class balloon! I mean... 60m class titan in balloon form! Quite impressive! This balloon titan was made by Sea of Rabbitz.

Miku itasha inside the convention centre :D

Racing Miku to be exact!

Found the female and Eren titan!

Black Gold Saw! I took a photo of her because I follow her on her Ichigo Hime Instagram account.

Ultimate Madoka is in the house!

Akkari~n! Is actually one of my friends on Twitter, you may know her as Shiro.

Second day of Puppy52 booth... Mirai is doing a photoshoot with Senmei :D

My first day of cosplay was a bust since not a lot of people know Prison School (yet). Second day is my Dva (Sekai Seifuku) cosplay. I assume not a lot of people know it either, but I had a lot of fun with it since I was basically hiding my face and I can see everyone staring at me, hehehe. The lens was dark enough to hide my eyes too.

My friend (who's got many aliases) took these two photos above for me.

Sat down and a Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening sat beside me. She lent her mask to hide my Kuru Kuru Kurumi's face! The masked lady left before I could say goodbye...

Found Kotori and Honoka! Kotori is Cottoncandy-latte, one of my [Love Live School Idol Festival] friends.

I went to the Origa concert again. She looks so different this year and everything seemed to be perfect without technical difficulties this year. She started with anime songs medley which was confusing and surprising at the same time! Didn't get a good picture of Origa during the concert, but here is a Yuffie waving her shuriken with the glowing materias on it!

Here's Yuffie in the light.

Tsukuyo from Gintama... To be honest, I mistook her for Edea ^^; Unfortunately she wasn't angry, but I asked her who she was and took a photo of her anyway.

From the 25th Anniversary of Ghost in the Shell panel. On the left is Ishikawa Mitsuhisa, the producer and president of Production IG. In the middle is Sakurai Yoshiki, scriptwriter of Stand Alone Complex, and also very fluent in English! And lastly on the right is Origa, the singer for the opening theme song of Stand Alone Complex, who is actually very fluent in Japanese.

Saber Nero!

Oh look, another MISAKA! ...Oh wait, that's me! My attempt at a selfie as MISAKA. My goggles were a bit too big, but it was fun to finally debut this cosplay especially since I pretty much hid this from a lot of people. One of my friends who was saving a seat for me didn't recognize me, haha!

Here's MEIKO cosplaying as Misaka Mikoto in front of Puppy52's booth. Should I call her Meikoto? And then there's that giant puppy with a grim reminder or something while on top of the wall.

The three day convention went by so fast. I don't know where the time went... It was fun cosplaying again since I haven't done it in a while. It was warm as well, but definitely worth it. The gas mask, the Misaka outfit, friends... Definitely made this year's con fun. Oh and the autograph and meeting the guests were fun too.

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