Friday, September 19, 2014

Anime Revolution 2014 Loot

So a month after Anime Revolution, I finally post the stuff I bought from there X3 Yes, I made the same face as the tako on the left! These octopi/takos were the first thing I bought at the convention. My quest was trying to help a friend get $10 bills for change in her artist alley booth XD So I found a few random things where I can get small change!

They stack nicely! Appetizer, entree, dessert!

I also bought another Kireihana/Bellossom. It's not as cute as my previous one, but the maracas are so cute! Also she can't stand on her own, so takoyaki helped :P I also got some change to help my friend when I bought this.

Chun also made a couple of cute tiny plushies! I had to reserve one because she had limited stock!

Had to get a Hoshizora Rin related item! This time it's a deck box for all my Weiss Schwarz cards that are steadily growing. I only had $5 change from this one, but with another $5, it was good enough for my friend's change.

Sea of Rabbitz made this gigantic 60m class Titan head out of balloons! You can see a better copy of my Dva trying to recruit the Titan for World Conquest on her Facebook page.

Got some AR merchandise. Couldn't resist this shirt: No Anime No Life. Very apt. I also bought the Senmei keychain.

I had to buy the Ogata Megumi CD to get her autograph. I haven't listened to it yet, but it was worth meeting her! She's quite funny and I was also able to shake her hand during the signing!

I also got an autograph from Inoue Marina! Right onto this Laura Bodewig crystal that I especially bought for her to sign!

Looks much better when it's lit, eh?

Next up are the Artist Alley purchases. I think most of my money went to this section ^^; First is Chun's postcards, which I picked up a week after the con because I was going to meet Chun anyway.

And also some of the clothes she made for DDs. I'll try to post them with MEIKO or Nero wearing them later.

Sabers and Mikasa bookmarks from an artist friend's sister whom I met for the first time! Some of you might know her as Kurot.

Misaka Mikoto zipper case! It fits my 3DS nicely. I think I got some change when I bought this so I can help my friend.

Here are all the giant posters I picked up!

I realize that I'm a big fan of Kiryuin Satsuki when I looked around the artist alley... So there are a few of her here. I bought Shimakaze from my friend, KL.

Yes, that is probably a yaoi art on the right... I didn't care. It looked too good to skip out on. Plus the other art I have were all girls, so it evens out :P

A Frozen Elsa beader art. I wasn't wearing my glasses when I saw this and it looked like the most beautiful thing ever!

This is the first art book I bought from artist alley. So technically this is a doujinshi? I wouldn't dare take photos of the inside and post it here! Just like it says on the cover, it's for adults only! Very ero!

And lastly, the piece de resistance! This item came in a fancy box like this with gold printing... What is it?

Why, it's a Smart Pantsu, of course! It's the pantsu you use for your phone!

Here we can see MISAKA is charging the phone that is wearing the smart pantsu...

"Does MISAKA wear it well?" MISAKA asks while lifting up her skirt.

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