Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MEIKO's 10th Birthday!

Remember, remember the fifth of November... Especially if it's the 10th anniversary of MEIKO! As usual I am posting my first and favourite Dollfie Dream of MEIKO. While MEIKO is 10 years old, this Dollfie Dream version is turning 3 years old. She's gone through many changes and many clothes!

Before we get started, let's start with MEIKO's 10th anniversary song, Goddess, by Shu-T!

When I first saw these DD outfits at TaoBao, I immediately ask my friend who's working in China to get them for me! First up is Misaka Mikoto's outfit! Apart from the black skirt instead of the grey one, this outfit is great!

Misaka Meikoto! I wish I have a coin the size of a DD hand...

I love MEIKO and I love Misaka Mikoto, so this is a great mix of character! Both of them also have short brown hair. Great match.

Mmm... This one is inspired by a very hentai picture. ^^; I don't know if I even should link it because of how NSFW it is!

A bonus picture with just the sweater vest and the uhhh... tissue... box...

ANYWAY... Here's to forget the ecchiness, is another MEIKO 10th Anniversary song!

Now for the other DD outfit... Is the outfit worn by Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin! The scarf was also included!

I recently bought an Alpacasso with Shingeki no Kyojin theme. It's got the green mantle! Perfect cute match with MEIKO as Mikasa, yes?

Just before I took off MEIKO's outfit for the next one, I just had to do a shot from the back to show this nice Survey Corp jacket. This outfit also came with the boots and straps, but unfortunately I didn't have time to put them on yet. Maybe next time!

And now here is the last song I liked from MEIKO's 10th Anniversary! Quite the beautiful song, might I add.

Can't have MEIKO's birthday without her wearing her default outfit. Lovely MEIKO ♥

MEIKO strikes a pose! Around this time I realized that I forgot one part of her outfit...

Her red choker! It's one of my favourite accessories. Couldn't have a photoshoot without this!

Here's KAITO... Or is it KAIKO? About to give MEIKO a birthday smooch!

Thank you for visiting and reading my MEIKO's 10th birthday post!


  1. Happy late Birthday Meiko ^^

    I really like the Misaka Mikoto's outfit she is wearing ^^

    1. LOL we all are late! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you! I really love that outfit as well since I do love Mikoto as well ^o^