Monday, March 30, 2015

Birthday of Ayanami 2015

It is March 30th once again, which means it's time to celebrate Ayanami Rei's birthday! This year also marks the year of the Second Impact! Thankfully it's not really happening or otherwise I wouldn't be alive to type this and 14 year old boys and girls will be forced to pilot giant robots...

So in lieu of piloting Eva Unit 00,  Rei gets to sleep in... On top of a dakimakura of herself.

But I have a surprise for her, so I should wake her up. "What do you want?" She asks, "can't I sleep some more on my birthday?"

Does she really have to scratch her butt right now? "I just woke up. You're the one who decided to take a photo of my scratching myself when I just woke up."

Well even though it's not new, I do have a present for her... Also, I'm experimenting with a new camera magnification filter. Didn't have to much time to play around with all the filters before I had to go to work, but it does wonders without having to buy an expensive lens.

Rei looks super cute in this one piece panda pajamas, don't you think?

Her present is a figma of herself! It's like a doll for a BJD... A ball-jointed doll of Ayanami Rei holding a figma of Ayanami Rei leaning on Ayanami Rei dakimakura... Reiception!

It was quite difficult trying to get Rei to hold herself up... The figma was more posable than big Rei herself!

And there's the parting shot of Rei with Rei! Until next year!

Oh wait, March 30th is also Kawasumi Ayako's birthday! She voices Saber in the Fate series. It is also Hayashibara Megumi's birthday who voiced Ayanami Rei. Rei's birthday was based on Megumi's, if you didn't know that already.

So I'm still experimenting with the macro filter. Unfortunately my lighting was not that great... Here's an angry Saber Lily getting really mad with me tying her up to the birdcage. I was trying to reenact the scene from Unlimited Blade Works.

"Get me out of here right now or I will call my onee-san!"

Uh-oh, she's really angry now... Or maybe about to cry? Either way I do not want to upset her oneesan...

Eep... She is crying! Not good! Let's end this photoshoot experiment now before the big sister come looking for me... Again.


  1. Hi cool blog, i just bought the rei ayanami watch by relax, you helped me make my mind hehe, it should arrive next week, does your still works? I was wondering if you have the Rei ayanami 2.0 and 3.0 figures by medicom? what do you think of these? do you recommend me to buy them?

    1. Thank you! Wow so lucky you were able to find it! It was an old product that I thought was hard to find. Technically my watch still works, but the strap broke, so I can't use it anymore :(

      I don't have any of the new Medicom Ayanami Rei figures unfortunately. I do like how they look though. If you have the money, go for it! They tend to be really expensive, so I can't afford them all ^^;;

  2. Hello again, I stumbled by for a bit.
    I thought the 1st doll was the size of the 2nd until I saw the 2nd, ... does that mean that the ball jointed doll is like the actual size of a small human child?

    Nice storyboarding/clip-motion-story, by the way; maybe it is the manga/etc influence to develop my thinking/imagination, where I sometimes forget if I experienced something in video, or visual novel, format; seems of sufficient quality to enact that weird memory-thinking on recall.

    Additional inquiry: is that Saber doll only 1 doll in all those pictures, 1 doll with multiple add-on features for emotions/etc, or multiple dolls for each expression?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello. The 1st doll is about 40 to 50 cm. In terms of scale, it is 1/4 scale of a real human. So not really the size of a human child. Maybe the length of a baby, but not the same proportion.

      Ah thank you ^^ I try to do some story if I have some ideas in my head. It's just me having a bit of fun, haha.

      Oh the Saber Lily at the end is a Nendoroid. It's sort of like an action figure. The figure line also have many different characters, and each character have 2-3 different faces. ALL the faces are around the same size so they can be used interchangeably with other characters when the situation fits ^_~

      Thank you for visiting ^_^