Monday, November 2, 2009

Nekomimi Kanu Unchou ~Pink Ver.

Nyaa! Nekomimi mode desu! It's Ikki Tousen's fiercest warrior, Kanu Unchou, with a cat ears, cat paws and tail slapped on her along with a pink uniform! This was one of the figures I've been hunting for. I was looking for the blue uniform one, but when Toylet had their recent sale, I jumped the chance to own this cutie kitty even if she is pink. =^.^=

Griffon's figures is a hit and miss, but they do make a lot of Ikki Tousen figures and some of them are quite nice just for the gimmicks. At 50% off I didn't find any reason not to get this one

Griffon 1/8 Kanu Unchou Nekomimi Version ~Pink

I'm a little worried about the stray hair around her because when I put the mini Ryuubi neko it felt like it could snap some of the hair strands near her. The hair at the bottom is just flat so that it can support the figure.

Really love the socks... I don't have a really good setup with the lighting so the pantsu might be overexposed by the light... Bad choice of words? :P

I know Griffon doesn't have the best figures, but Kanu's waist bending looks gorgeous! Very good details.

Here are her neko paws. Let's pause for a moment and enjoy this view...

A close up of Chouhi, the small catgirl on Kanu's shoulder. After playing Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist, Chouhi has become one of my favourite Ikki Tousen girls along with Ryomou and Kanu. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of figures of Chouhi and the ones that exist aren't that great. I really love her Kansai accent in the game.

On another note... isn't it kinda creepy that the eyes are there but not really there. Should I go take a Gundam Marker and make a panel line Chouhi's eyes?

And here's a close up of chibi neko Ryuubi. She has those weird eyes too, but at least she's got a glasses thingy on.

She reminds me a lot of Puchiko from Digi Charat... so I took a picture of her with Puchiko. The resemblence is uncanny!

"What are you doing copying my looks, nyu?"

The display base is laughable... this probably the only good quality thing about it. If I display her, I'll most likely do it without the base.


  1. ^^;;;;; wtf :P figure nookie? ^^;

  2. It's called: "Ecchi man at play on his sick day"

  3. Holy shi... living up to your name as usual.. that's well, pretty kinky to say the least.

  4. @chun: Wow... I don't see you type "wtf" very often ^^;;;

    @FatB: Technically I didn't do the pictures today, I did it on Saturday... so NYAH :P

    @coffeebugg: I live up to "Lightning Sabre"? XD LoL yeah, looks like that nickname definitely stuck on me, eh? ^^;

  5. @Ecchi man> You could interpret that as being physically sick today, or I could have just been referring to your mental state of sickness on Saturday. Nyah.

  6. ...aldora will shred her apart...

    I don't even want to imagine the damage that thing will do. Too painful.

  7. For me, pantsu shots are not secundary. Lol.

    I think Aldora was happy with the photoshoot.

  8. I believe the main reason u got Kanu is because she goes well with Aldora xD

  9. As soon as I saw Aldoras head pop up in that one picture I KNEW whats gonna happen XD

    Im definately for more Couhi love!
    That Onsen Figure of her Sucks and so does the SMC figure of her.I actually was compelled to get this figure because of chibi neko chouhi.

  10. On a side Note:
    I am really compelled to get Alora for these kind of pictures aswell ^^;;;;;;;;

    Got so many bent over figures XD

  11. @FatB: Touche, Mr. Bastard :P

    @Yi: LoL don't imagine it XD I do have extra... appandages from my tentacle figure, so I may be able to replace the spiky ones with the... tentacular ones ^^;

    @phossil: Whatever floats your boat :P Heheh but yeah, I kinda like the pantsu shot, even if it's secondary.

    @YuKi-To: Hahahaha! You totally got me XD That IS one of the reasons why I got Kanu ^^

    @Blowfish: I would not touch that onsen figure of Chouhi with a ten foot pole... Definitely lacking some Chouhi love in the figure department... And Aldora is still on sale at a cheaper price at AmiAmi XD I have a few bent over ones too, lol.

  12. ITS the return of that, spiky-crotch-thingy-that can't be fixed by lube-, how many more tricks do you have left in the bag, ecchi man.

    And yeah nyanderful figure^^

  13. @GunStray: Heheh, you know with this kind of pose, Kanu is just asking for Aldora to return :P Not sure how many more tricks I have left, lol, but I'm sure my ecchi mind will always think of something XD

  14. @Snark: LOL, just laugh it off and move along XD Comedic purposes only ^^

  15. Suddenly, I really, really want that Aldra figure. And I need to try out Amiami to see how good their service is. Hmm ...

  16. @Tier: After looking at your blog, I'm surprised you don't have one yet XD I've heard a few people having good experience with AmiAmi.

  17. lol those last few pictures were great XD This Kanu does look pretty nice compared to the many many others of her, and you can't beat 50% off.

  18. @Persocom: Yah, I think it might be my favourite Kanu that I own. :D

  19. OMFG, I THINK I'M REALLY LIKE FEELING THAT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like that sort of thing, you should tune in when I write about a couple exciting new H-Games coming up!

  20. @FaS: There're so many H-games I wanna play lol, but I really don't have the time for them sometimes XD Will try to read your reviews then :)