Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opposites Attract

The world seemed to have turned sideways and completely backwards than what it used to be... Or perhaps it's not as backwards as one might think, maybe even logical.

This news is almost a week old, but I didn't hear a lot of rumbling about this. I found this news through AnimeNation News which was sourced from AltJapan, but it's originally a survey that was taken from an otaku matching service in Japan called Otakuma.

Image and series name translations from AnimeNation. From what I can see at the bottom of the picture, the survey was gathered from April 27 to August 8th, 2009. 923 males and 360 females took this survey.

1. Gundam (all series)
2. K-ON!
3. Code Geass
4. Macross Frontier
5. Shin Seiki Evangelion / Toradora! (tie)
6. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
7. Lucky Star
9. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
10. Minami-ke

1. K-ON!
2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
3. Lucky Star
4. Gundam (all series)
5. Saki
6. Shin Seiki Evangelion
7. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical nanoha
8. Hetalia
10. Toradora!
As you've noticed there are several robot/mech titles on the list for females whereas some of those robot/mech titles don't even appear in the list for males. The world is changing. I am a part of this changing world as well because I have a lot of anime with a female lead or all female cast as some of my favourite anime.

Perhaps because this is a type of matching/dating service and a lot of people's tastes change drastically when they grow up. I know I liked a lot of giant super robots when I was young and when I was in Jakarta. When I moved to Vancouver a lot of anime that were prominent at the time were either romance comedy or female oriented, such as Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon. I was looking for more robot shows when I first moved here, but each culture have different tastes in anime. Well, Canada hardly had any anime or people who liked anime back then... So because of age and culture, my taste in anime has changed quite drastically as well.

However, this survey result is quite drastic and completely the opposite of what traditional anime audience usually watch. I think anime producers are also part of this revolution. They know that their giant robot anime will attract the boys to watch the action, but they want to attract the other market as well. Thus Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing and Code Geass were born with designs that attracted the female audience. Whereas it's so much easier to grab the male audience with nothing but girls, cute girls and sexy girls that definitely attract the boys to their anime.

So how to sum this up? Well they sure know how to attract the opposite sex... Is this true for you?


  1. There are no bounds for Ecchi man. He is attracted to everything.

  2. I'm also surprised by the number of mecha titles in the female category.

    Anyway, almost all my favorite anime have a female only cast too. Judging by the list, it seems that both genders like watching girls more than boys in general.
    There is no title on there with an all male cast/ lead as there is with females in K-On! and Lucky Star.

  3. @FatB: That sounded odd ^^;;; Maybe I'm only attracted to other ecchi things :P

    @Yi: Well... I assume Hetalia is almost all male cast but it's on the male side of the list. I find that one very odd...

  4. first time im seeing this list, Hetalia on the male side is surprising XD

    just started watching a wider range of anime this year and my favs are majority female cast also.

  5. preferences are closer to the girls then to the guys.

    What the fuck.

    Oh yeah, I forgot; Japanese men are all pedophiles anyway.

  6. I find it surprising that TTGL hasn't appeared in the male category since most of the series was GAR O_O

    I like a fair share from both sides. Except for Gundam, for some strange reason ^^;

  7. 12 out of 10 survey statistics are always wrong.

    Say I went to a gundam convention and asked all the females there what their favorite anime is... what do I get? Skewed statistics!

  8. I can't help but to denounce this so call survey. Where is Queen's Blade and Shin Mazinger Z? Why are people still watching Haruhi after all the garbage known as EE that Kyoani fed us? I am an old style otaku and I see nothing positive about moe anime, it's too generic and lack individuality. Though I found lucky star to be adequately funny to accept it.

  9. If by designs that attracted female audiences you mean fabulous characters and homosexual implications, then perhaps.

    But the presence of Hetalia on the other side just makes me facedesk. Episode 1 was unfunny thinking it was, and by episode 2 I couldn't stifle any more.

    Still, I prefer to take these lineups with a pinch of salt...

  10. @rockleelotus: My range is wide as well, but when one watches yuri anime (ie. me) I can't help but watch the ones with all female cast XD

    @Snark: Yeah, it's quite messed up. I did see that post, lol. Unfortunately I seem to be having trouble commenting on your blog. Not sure why =/

    @ninjovee: I would assume TTGL would be up there because of Yoko... but I'm as surprised as you are that it's on the female llist but not on the male list. And Gundam is still not that widespread around the world, at least not for females yet...

    @radiant: Oh yeah, I know some surveys can be skewed. Then again this is in Japan only, so results in other countries can be quite different. I apologize if I neglected to mention that this is Japan only ^^;

    @Wolfheinrich: I think there aren't just enough viewership for QB & SMZ to be on that list unfortunately. And well as for Haruhi... I think people take it as a whole since they combined both seasons last time, so Endless Eight was not a major factor in some peoople's decision. Heck the DVD sales apparently range in thousands for Endless Eight. How unfortunate =/

    @Ningyo: Heheh I believe that's what I meant with the yaoi implications... but I have no answer as to why Hetalia is on the male side. And yeah, of course, this is not everyone's favourite list, but at least a sample of what anime Japanese people are into.

  11. I am random anime watcher but my especialty watch are some "Cute girls & ecchi stuff"..i love some mecha too..depend to a persom whose what anime he/she likes. ^|||^

  12. What the heck the guys list don't have TTGL (like ninjovee had mentioned), Mazin series and Getter Robo in the guys list?...

    Right, looks like I need to rewatch again my collection of Shin Getter Robo, Mazinkaiser and TTGL.

    I prefer to something like this:

  13. WTF, What decade have I been living into, have idiotic male fans forgotten, the Garness factor that fist of the north star left us with, and the awesomeness of Super robots and Gattai...

    Ah screw it, Im obviously supporting snark argument I could just have this guy destroy this current world and rebuild anew one

  14. Hey there! Thanx for visiting AMERICAN OTAKU and leaving behind nice comments. thanx!

    Yeah, I do agree with you. Anime has evolved over time. Robots are definitely less, and romantic comedies are more popular than it used to be. Honestly, I haven't watched anime for a long time, and I don't know what's new. But it's pretty cool to witness the evolution of anime.

  15. @jowy: That is true. I watch just about anything that's good... that is if I have time ^^;;;

    @bd77: LoL this list is leaving you in despair XD Very nice pic too ^^

    @GunStray: Apparently a lot of people have forgotten... It can't be helped at times when the market's flooded with those other types of anime...

    @alecho: It was a fun read, and I caught up real fast. Do take a look on my silly little comics if you get the chance ^^

    Anime has definitely evolved from what it used to be, especially the audience. It must be befuddling to you looking at some of these titles, then ^^;

  16. Haha, I completely overlooked Hetalia. Well, I guess that's even more surprising...

  17. Perhaps, I guess this thing call generation gap exist among the otaku ranks as well. Cause over 1/2 of those list never appealed to me.

  18. @Yi: I'm shocked by the fact that it even made the list. I mean... over 9000 guys had Hetalia on their list of favourite anime??

    @Wolfheinrich: Yeah... that generation gap is there too, then again if even younger people are asked then you'd probably see Bleach, Naruto and One Piece in that list instead.

  19. This list is not very convincing to me... Or are people's preferences have changed these days?

    But then again as radiant has said surveys are sometimes pretty dodgey and not necessarily tell you the right stuff.

  20. @Q: It's not really the general populace, just in Japan, so it isn't a very good representation of what the rest of the world thinks.

  21. @ Lightning Sabre:
    I know this survey is taken only in Japan, but still... Even to 'represent' Japan's populance I'm not convinced by this result. Maybe I think too much these days.

  22. @Q: Yeah, you're right, this may not be too accurate since this is just from a matching service after all ^^; But there must be some truth to this survey since some of these anime are always popping up everywhere.

  23. Hmmm I must say I definetely prefer shonen or male demographic to most shoujo anime/manga.

  24. Sex sells!

    That's the key. It's not just about ratings for these anime producers now. They want you to buy their licensed products as well, like figures, shirts, dakimakura, etc. We are suckers for cute girls. :P

  25. @thetsundere: That or the world is upside down in your area, lol. jk jk ^^

    @Tommy: LoL Does it? The opposite sex sells XD Merchandise have become one of the staples in this business apparently. I wonder how much of the cut the actual anime producers get though.

  26. My GF and me watched gundam OO, macross frontier, code geass and gurren lagann so I'm not surprise for the female's result. However the guys's side is scary especially Hetalia...

    I would like to think that those guys should look for a real girl friend instead. Putting too much hope in 2D characters won't help them in life.

  27. @B-Mecha: Well interestingly this survey was taken for an otaku dating site. So I guess these guys ARE looking for real life girls ^^; But I suppose when you think you have no hope, you can't help but turn to the closest thing that's similar to a girl...