Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little Sister's Knee Pits Can't be this Cute

Amongst other parts...
An overview of some this season's fall anime... From a different perspective ^^; For these reviews I'll be putting up the Knee-Pit-O-Meter. It scores the visibilities of knee pits in the anime, but it does not necessarily score the anime... This post is based only on the first 2 episodes of each series and it may be NSFW. Got it? Then let's begin!

My Little Sister Can't be this Cute
Knee-Pit-O-Meter -  | ) ( |  - 3/5 
Since the post title refers to this series I'll start the review with this highly anticipated show. It seems to deliver with many people talking about it every week it came out. It sure delivered for me... The knee pits were quite detailed even if there weren't too many scenes of visible knee pits.

I've heard many things about the series before and read a couple chapters of the manga, but it didn't feel like it went too far into the story. I guess I should be reading the original light novel, but with the lack of linguistic skills, that is not possible for me at the moment. The anime gave out more details than the manga did and just from watching the first 2 episodes, I felt that this is a more realistic portrayal of the otaku culture, similar to  Genshiken, rather than Nogizaka Haruka. I also had a fear of possible incest within, especially with the title; but after seeing more than the first 2 episodes, I felt that there won't be any in the foreseeable future. Unless I go look up more information about the novels that's probably more advanced in the story... Kirino is really cute, but I don't want to picture her as her brother's love interest...

Amagami SS (Second half of the Season)
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - |) (| - 2/5
Last season's knee pits loving initiator opens up with a new animation for its new opening theme song with a nice view of knee pits! Despite that regular addition of knee pits, the first 2 episodes of the new season lacked the knee pits to give it a high score. At least they were nicely detailed in some scenes...

Nanasaki Ai's arc was pretty good, but still kinda goofy in some parts. I like the show, but I still have to cringe at some of the corniness... I'm hoping Rihoko's arc can be less unrealistic. I am liking how it's told through Rihoko's perspective though.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | ~ | - 1/5
Ara! So low for such a very ecchi show! Why!? Why can't you show more knee pits???

Even with the low score, Panty and Stocking still delivers! It's like a mix of Cartoon Network's toons with Japanese wackiness that goes beyond American sensibilities! I started watching this show with a very open mind. My expectation could've gone either way, but just watching the first episode I was hooked! It was funny, dirty, inventive and imaginative! The exploding "ghost" at the end of most segments is something I look forward to, just because it's so out of place, yet it works (for me at least). I look forward to see more Panty and Stocking!

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
From one ecchi show to the next! Unfortunately it's plagued with a lot of censor blotches... But the knee pits are in full view! The picture above only shows a fraction of what's there! It definitely deserves its high score!

Seeing as I've only watched the first 2 episodes, I'm a bit iffy about the show... It felt like I don't know what's going on or what era it's supposed to be. The story seem to be in the back seat. Sure I'm thrilled at looking at the fan service, but I'm still confused at what's going on...

Otome Youkai Zakuro
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - 0/5
Nothing! All the girls are covered with their spiritual robes, so no chance of seeing any knee pits here...

But otherwise it's a pretty good show! This was the first fall anime I watched and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it even though I don't like supernatural genre that much. I had a Sakura Wars vibe when I was watching it, probably because it's in a similar era. The art style reminds me a little bit like Ouran High School Host Club or another shoujo series I can't think of right now. The first 2 episodes showed some promise, so I'm continuing to watch Zakuro and her comrades.

Fortune Arterial
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - |) (| - 2/5
It has some potential since it's based on an eroge, but for now it's lacking. There were none in the first episode!

After seeing many pictures and Dollfie Dreams of Fortune Arterial characters, I finally get to see what this is all about! It seems like another typical eroge scenario with many girls going after one guy, but the twist is always something to look for. Vampires though? Well I still give it some chance just because the animation is superb!

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | ~ | - 1/5
The knee pits invasion has been stopped by the invasion of Ika Musume! For a show that takes place on a beach, there seems to be few shots of knee pits...

BUT! The invasion doesn't stop there! Ika Musume is not the shiniest shell on the beach, but she doesn't fail to make me laugh at her antics! This invasion angle has been done before though... I'm reminded of Keroro Gunsou when I watched the first episode. It's so eerily similar that I thought it was the same creator. I would LOVE to see Yoshizaki Mine drawing Ika Musume though :D I just call her the moe version of Keroro Gunsou.

Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | ~ | - 1/5
Oh yeah baby! Show us some kneepits! Huh, what? That's a g-guy!? DESPAIR! 0/5!!!

I totally didn't know what this show was about, but once I watched it, I was intrigued by this apartment full of "nerdy" women. The girl on the left is a jellyfish fanatic, so the show is called "Jellyfish Princess". And yes, that skinny woman bending over the tub is not really a woman ^^; Definitely on my watch list. I can't really say much more because I've only seen the first episode for this particular one, but I'm still intrigued.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
Lovely lovely knee pits! There were so many I couldn't keep up. Even the opening has one! Amazing! I'm going to say it's because SHAFT is the one animating it... As seen on Bakemonogatari...

The comedy in this show is very, very strange, but the main character, Hotori, is just so cute and funny that I couldn't help but to keep watching! It's basically about a maid cafe, but not really... An old woman trying to re-energize her business by changing it to a maid cafe. But with an employee like Hotori, I don't think she's gonna be successful... Doesn't help that they live in a small town where every business owners know everyone else.

Knee-Pit-O-Meter - |) (| - 2/5
From one of the longest title this season to the shortest... From one of the most knee pits scenes this season, to almost the least... I was expecting more with this kind of premise, but only a few... Disappointing. Is that Azusa on the top right screenshot!?

I'm almost disappointed with this show as well. The main character being a very masochistic guy is probably the reason why I'm not too keen on watching this. It was getting interesting at the end of episode 2. I may give it a chance just because of what happened in episode 2 though... But aside from the marketing blitz I saw for this series, I'm somewhat disappointed.

Iron Man
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - 0/5
Yeah... Iron Man's knee pits just doesn't count......

I'm quite a fan of Iron Man even before the movies came out. The movie really made gave him a better presence around the world. Which is why you're hearing Tony Star in Japanese. The character design is great. The computer CG is a bit iffy, but it looks like Iron Man. The story is not based on any comic book stories that I know of, so maybe that's why I'm not totally into it as much. I'm still going to watch the rest though, just because it's Iron Man.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
JC Staff does not disappoint in the knee pits department! The Railgun series was FULL of knee pits! Especially Mikoto's! JC Staff knows how to detail their characters. Ok, with Index II, there were fewer, but the quality gives it a high score in the Knee-Pit-O-Meter!

The main story didn't start until the second episode and again like the previous Index show, it's loaded with many Church politico stuff that I don't really get, even if I'm of that faith... Of course all of it is just fiction so I'll just have to just pretend I know what's going on and just enjoy Touma's heroics. Yeah... I'm kind of a big fan of Touma ^^; Imagine Breaker is still an awesome power even if it makes you a level 0. Oh and I COMPLETELY forgot how cute Index is! With the addition of Rie Kugimiya's Agnes, a short-skirted, short nun (in this arc), this is very enjoyable so far! I'm glad I finished the last season so I can start watching this.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
Speaking of Railgun... Here are more Railgun knee pits! Not as many as I'd hoped, but it's still quality! Or maybe I'm just Mikoto biased (sees banner on top left of the blog).

This OVA is just more of Misaka Mikoto and I can't get enough! The story is a bit weak, especially the "villain". But you get to see more Kuroko's yuri antics, Saten's flipping of Uiharu's skirt and more young girls solving crimes at Academy City. It's like the Hardy Boys are turned into girls joined forces with Nancy Drew mixed with X-Men. A guilty pleasure. The premise at the beginning is interesting because Mikoto is definitely bothered and shows that even though she is powerful, it can be her weakness as well.

Star Driver
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | ~ | - 1/5
It certainly has potential but need to show more! 1 out of 5 is being generous for me...

Star Driver is one of Bones' original story animation... And if I know Bones, their stories don't make sense half or most of the time... That's the same with Star Driver. Just from the very first scene I thought it was in some kind of interdimensional island when in fact it's just some island... The designs are great though. Very beautiful background. Which is why I was confused about the setting in the beginning. When they go into the space where their mechs fight, it's almost like the last few scenes of Gurren Lagann where everything hangs in the balance as they fought the Anti-Spiral. Gorgeous! Even the mechs... Well mechs shouldn't be gorgeous in my opinion... The main mech design, Tauburn, is just... strange. There are a lot of terms to understand too. If I were to continue watching I'll be watching it mostly for the visuals and pretending to know what's going on...

Yosuga no Sora
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
If I could go beyond 5/5, I would! This anime, reeks of ecchiness, and the second episode alone there were 8 instances of knee pits alone in one minute of a particular scene (as you see below)! They even show the details even when the characters are far away!

The ecchiness of this show is bordering on actual ero anime! I mean yes, eroge gets animated for TV often, but not a lot of them keep their ero scenes in the show. I have to say I was actually shocked at how much I saw! Impressive. Most impressive! The story is another typical eroge... I mean the first episode alone showed so many girl interested in the main character, Haruka, that I was almost turned off... His twin sister included... The second portion of the show saved it for me and I'm glad I continued it. The story structure is set up in the first 2 episodes while 2 more episodes are dedicated to alternate endings that continues after the end of episode 2. So all the girls get a chance and I understand why the first episode was set up that way. Recommended... If you like ecchi ^^;

The World God Only Knows
Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | )  ( | - 5/5
Akio Watanabe's knee pits are the best! Akio Watanabe's character design can be a typical anime kind of design but his lines and curves are always detailed and thankfully it translates into the anime. I liked it so much I had to put 3 pictures of them here :D

And not just the knee pits, but this is my favourite of this season. The premise really drew me in. Someone who is good at dating sims (nay, godly!) is recruited by the demon world to track down lost souls that hide within girls' hearts. How does one catch them? Well their hearts has to be filled by someone they love. And that is what Katsuragi Keima has to do, except he's not interested in real girls... Only those in games where he can save and have a backlog of the dialogue. The situations in real life look similar to the games he's played, but there's always a twist. He manages to use win them over eventually. You'd think this is very derogatory or perhaps sad, that someone could use what he learned from gaming and apply it to real girls, but Keima seems sincere in trying to win their hearts over that you'd swear he's learning from this experience. Which is why it somewhat made me sad inside that the girls don't remember the conquest after the lost souls were captured... It's like the cherry blossoms... The fleeting moments of happiness...

I leave you with more of KamiNomi knee pits... It's quite a fall season. Gathering these screenshots took a lot of time and now that it's done, you can judge for yourself which anime you prefer to watch... If you see it through my perspective that is... So what are your favourite knee pi... I mean, your favourite anime this season? What do you look forward to every week? And which one are you going to see now after looking at this? ^^;


  1. The anime watching public is lucky the censors don't know of your fetishes. Otherwise anime would solely consist of black blobs with 2D girls heads up top...
    On second thought, probably just speaking black blobs.

  2. I am surprised by some of your ratings. Also do you also feel like yosuga is going to go all school days on us ? Because it totally does, which is why I haven't watched past episode 2. I am to scared and traumatized. Nice boat.

  3. @FatB: Noooh! No more black blotches! It may as well be a radio drama >_<

    @soulfringe: Ratings do not reflect what I think of the actual anime ;)

    I actually went beyond the second episode of Yosuga no Sora and I was worried that it would turn into another Nice Boat, but it's not! They structured the series to have an ending with one of the girls every 2 episodes. Read it what I said about it again. I'm sure I mentioned it ^_^

  4. Yea, you mentioned that, But not about the school days feel it has. So as opposed to school days, it's actually more amigami ?

  5. You certainly do have an interesting choice of fetishes. Is this an actual thing? Are there others out there who are lusting for the knee pits of the girls? I have to say it never crossed my mind, but "Daddy like."

  6. @soulfringe: Ok, lol, I didn't mention School Days. I wasn't going to because it had more of a Amagami vibe as you've said :)

    @mlscale: Hmm... I was probably the only one who mentioned it many moons ago, but it's been confirmed in Amagami SS that the guy was willing to kiss this girl in the back of the knee and I believe that spawned more knee pits lover ^^; I mean I was looking for that tag in an image board last December and there was nothing! When Amagami came out, the tag suddenly showed up :O

  7. LOL kneepit-o-meter :P I actually don't like My little sister can't be this cute ^^;

  8. Gotta love your fetish for knee pits! The knee-pit-o-meter made me laugh. ^ ^

  9. @chun: Little sister too angry for you? ^^;

    @Yi: I had a hard time trying to figure out if I should make different "pits" for each rating or keep them all the same XD

  10. b!atchy :P She makes me want to throw cold water on her or give her a slap for being so mean!

  11. You, sir, are a hero. Have yourself some internets.

  12. @chun: Haha she's just being a little sister. Now I know what they mean by people who doesn't have a little sister don't know what it's really like.

    @Valence: Why, thank you!

  13. i can't believe there are people who looks for knee pits!! unusual but life is unusual. >_<

  14. My friend, you're so lucky for your fetish since censorship cannot touch it XD

  15. @Yaku: LOL That's an interesting way to put it ^^;

  16. Knee-Pit-O-Meter - | ) ( |
    Dammit Rob, you modern Picasso you. Funny how the meter has no relevance to what you thought about each series.

    The Man of Iron’s kneepits totally count. I mean, that suit is one of our greatest wet-dreams! How could its kneepits possibly not count?
    I found the anime-rendition of Iron Man hilariously bad, as I thought I would. Tony having to assume anime form but keep his beard-matter makes him look exceptionally greasy. One of those series that make me laugh so hard I have no breath to criticize it.

    I’d hope Kugimiya-nun isn’t tsundere.
    Damn, you’ve gotten through this many series? I’ve been through like… half a series this season >.>

    One of these days you should write a physiology post about which tendons flex away from which bones in the knee to create that lovely effect.

  17. @Tim: Hahaha Piacasso, huh? I only sees it the way I sees it XD Oh ya, my intention was to make the rating irrelevant to what I think. I like dem knee pits, but it doesn't change my opinion on good storylines.

    LoL knee pits only count for flesh :P I was sure that Iron Man was only going to be an OVA before... So maybe 1.5 episode of Japanese Stark would be ok. It does sound strange, but I kinda try to keep it in perspective. My major complain is how bad the armor look actually. It almost doesn't look like a man could fit in the way the modeled it >_<

    Unfortunately Sister Rie is pretty close to a tsundere than a nundere... I went through the first 2 episodes of most of these shows, but I haven't caught up to everything ^^;

    I think my original Knee Pits post is the most detailed post I can do about knee pits, hahaha.