Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday of Ayanami 2011

It's almost like an annual tradition now that every year I post up an Ayanami Rei related post on her birthday on March 30th. This year isn't as grand as last year's posts... I've only got two things to show you here ^^;

First up is the 1/7 scale Ballerina Rei by Kotobukiya. I've been going back and forth about getting this one when she was first announced sometime last year. She looks really good, and I like her face, but I was slowly running out of room in the Rei Shrine ^^;

But eventually she won me over... At a sale on Play Asia, hahaha. I was actually expecting to get her locally, but the chance never came up. So here she is finally in my grasp! And she is very pretty!

It's also good timing since I watched Black Swan within a month or two months ago, so I was still on the ballerina high. Her ballet slipper here looks good... I like the straps.

Her tutu and her headpiece (?) are semi-transparent material, so they add a nice effect. I'm not too thrilled about the base though. A very strange looking base. Maybe it's supposed to connect to Asuka's ballerina version?

Her bare back and the ribbon around her neck is a nice addition to the outfit.

Panty shot? ^^; It almost looks like Rei is glaring at me too for taking a picture of her at this angle, lol.

From the top... There's a nice view from this angle :3

But in the end, it's her face that got me... After buying so many Rei figures, I've gotten choosy about faces on figures. And this applies to every figure out there that I want to get. It's all about the face. If the face doesn't win me over, the whole figure doesn't get added to my collection.

This is just bonus ^^;;; Um... She was doing a mid-air twirl? XD This is what I like about Kotobokiya. Even if their figure is lying down or sitting down, the bottoms of their figures aren't flat, but fully fleshed out. I've seen ones that are completely flat. They're convenient to place on flat surfaces, but can look ugly.

And another from Kotobukiya! A pair of chopsticks in the shape of Rei's entry plug... And no, you're not seeing double. I do have 2 sets. With cheaper items like these, I'm starting to buy like Konata ^^; I only bought two though. One to use, and one to keep. I have actually used it a few times on California rolls... Very slippery... No grip at all!

Maybe they weren't meant to be used after all ^^; Anyway, here's a close up of the small Rei inside the entry plug. Looks quite detailed for something so small!

From the front side... I think her eyes are actually painted red too! Such detailing!

And now, the changing of the guards... Enma Ai has been in front of my monitor for the longest time... Now it's time for Rei to take reign over, especially since it's her birthday... And the shrine is basically spilling over ^^;;;


  1. This Rei Ballerina can be connected to Asuka ballerina but it is not a must like the previous Kotobukiya's meido Rei and Asuka. Unlike you, I am running out of dough and space for Asuka shrine. Orz

  2. She's in my list but I have to pass, budget budget ^^; She's indeed a really nice figure.

  3. Ooh that's a really pretty Rei! Love love love her outfit.

  4. well I guess some birthday wishes are in order. :)

  5. @Anonymous: Ah that's what I thought. The Maid Rei? I have that one and I didn't connect it to Asuka since I don't have her, lol. Hey, who says I'm swimming in money and space? XD I had to move her to my computer desk because I was running out of space in the designated shrine ^^;

    @Yamada: LoL I know what you mean. It's harder for me who's trying to collect all the Rei figures ever released XD

    @Yi: I agree! It's a great, great outfit!

    @Radiant: Indeed :D And don't forget it's also Kawasumi Ayako, Sakamoto Maaya and Hayashibara Megumi's birthdays as well! ^o^

  6. nao U need a Rei dollfie muahhaa

  7. @chun: Are you nuts!? After my recent purchase? xP