Saturday, July 28, 2012

Misaka Mori

The head of the Misaka Mori greets you with this post... The Misaka Mori trading figures aren't new, but it's only recently I've gotten a little fun with them, so I thought I'd give this series another spotlight.

There are 12 figures inside the box which includes nine of the Misaka Little Sisters, one Misaka Mikoto, one Accelerator and one Last Order. I've held back on purchasing this box because it was expensive at the time and I was trying to cut back... Plus I wasn't sure if I wanted more trading figures. Things change when it came on sale. For a while I left it untouched but only recently that I picked up a couple of Misaka Sisters from the second volume box set that I decided to open these.

The head of the family, Misaka Mikoto herself.

The lolico... Err... The ever present companion of Last Order, Accelerator and the loli herself.

Small tower of Sisters. Not sure how many I can stack before they fall over ^^;

The Misaka Mori means Misaka Forest in English. Perhaps because they resemble the Japanese kanji for forest: 森. The stack seem to lean forward though, so I had to angle the camera a little to see their faces. You can see one of the sisters from volume 2 in the bottom row.

The backside ^^;

This is one of the fun I've had with these sisters. Munching on cherries... Of course this isn't the only shenanigan I have with them. Most of them are taken on my phone and posted on my Instagram. Feel free to follow me under 'lightningsabre'. ^^

Below are the photos I've taken on my phone without the Instagram filters. Some of them aren't that great of a quality, but you can see some of the fun I've had with them ^_^

 I take a lot of these photos at work ^^;

Pardon my hairy leg ^^;;; She's helping me put band-aid on my wound.

  Smelling marker fumes and passing out from it XD

 Yes, you can switch their heads :)

 They love Pocky, but don't like to share that much...

  Misaka can taste the rainbow... Also, Misaka Breading.

  Stacking fun :D

This one has to be my favourite photo as of late. I call it, "Smartass".


  1. Having fun? I wish I had a whole box of those just to mess with.


  2. Love this post, made ​​me laughing so hard.

    "Smartass", LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  3. Hahaha I remember seeing you posting a lot of MIASAKAs on Instagram; you sure had a lot of fun with them XD

    It's funny so many of them crawling all over the place and trying to cause a lot of mishap here and there XDD

    1. Ya! I didn't realize how much fun they were until Chun showed me photos of Taitano XD

      The way they're positioned can be awkward at times tough ^^; But yes, very apt, the way you say "crawling" all over the place ^^