Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Haul: It's a Trap!

Yes! I finally got Admiral Ackbar Mighty Muggs! Now I can make "It's a Trap" picture as much as I want!

I got him from the soon to be closed Ages Three and Up (how unfortunate) at 20% off! I've been dying to get this figure ever since I saw it at Previews. I wasn't expecting to find this figure on Boxing Day since this figure was sold out the first time it was at the store. One of the reasons I'm glad I went out at 5 AM on Boxing Day!!! WTF was I doing at 5 AM in the cold lining up at Best Buy in Metrotown Burnaby anyway??

Oh right, I did have a few things to get. 1 TB hard drive, Bluetooth headset, a couple of movies, No More Heroes for $10(!), and Prince of Persia for PS3 for $30. Good deals, good deals. Even bought a memory card for the new PSP that my brother bought me for Christmas! Wow, thanks brotha! Zankyu very much ^_^

Uh, here's the first of many "It's a Trap!" picture ^^;
Bridget picture from

Also a new avatar for me blog and Picture was taken by WiseFreeman using his figure that he got from Mr. Choo himself. But I also made it animated for the one at I was somewhat inspired by Konata doing the finger point during the opening of Lucky Star.

And no, this one isn't a trap figure ^^;


  1. Happy Belated Boxing Day, even though i don't know what this Canadian Holiday consist of. :p

  2. Haha it's a holiday from UK actually. Something about cleaning up wrapping papers and boxes from Christmas presents... though the Canadian tradition is to buy the stuff that you really wanted for Christmas at a much cheaper price XD

  3. I believe boxing day is to do with taking a box of stuff to the people less fortunate than oneself. Or so I read somewhere.

  4. nice creative idea with the Idolmaster figure, I always wondered what Boxing Day was, thought it had to do with sports XD

  5. Well here to be accurate, Wikipedia's here to help :D

    All that's mentioned in the comments are right basically :)

  6. Uh, yeah, Happy Belated Boxing Day.

    Oh, good golly! Him! You really like Bridget, huh? =P

  7. It looks eerily like Gamera... except for the legs and hands...

  8. @聖者: I seriously thought she was a really cute character XD

    @violin kid: Haha not too far off... in the movie he's pretty much a giant walking squid ^^;

  9. Okay, that's just awesome. But Best Buy opens at 5 o.o?

    unfortunately the only one that's gonna give me presents for christmas is myself >.>

  10. @Ningyo: ONLY on Boxing Day ^^; I doubt the employee wants to wake up at 4 AM every day XD