Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini Chocolate & Custard Pies

Yes, I left that Orange Pocky in the picture on purpose :P

The annual potluck at my workplace always make me want to make something of my own, even though I'm awful at cooking... Well not awful, I just don't know how to. I have to read the recipes or directions all the time.

So this year I tried making mini pudding pies. One was banana cream pie and the other chocolate pudding pie. They're both Jell-O brand pudding, which did not have gelatin or eggs in them since one of my co-workers does not eat either.

I had to start late on Monday night because some family friends were visiting and brought kids with them. The Wii and I were babysitting for a couple of hours. So I didn't get started til 10 pm. Then found out we don't have enough milk to make the puddings! What a day, so I drove to Superstore to get some milk, my fourth time driving by the way.

Unfortunately it was all for naught since I burnt the banana cream one... I've put it on too high and didn't stir it well enough. The pot was almost full so I was worried about spilling it. I tried tasting it after it cooled. It did have the banana taste, but it also has the burnt aftertaste... YUCK!

So my mom volunteered her custard filling as I was making the chocolate pudding. This time it was successful. Once it was cooled I started filling in the tart shells that I bought frozen from Superstore. Oh half the shells were also burnt by the way... Black was the enemy.

Then my mom made the custard filling, which I found out had egg yolk powders in it. I did the filling on the shells again and started to look for containers where I can bring 38 tarts in total. The filling were too squishy so I couldn't stack them. We found 4 separate containers to bring them all thankfully. By this time it was already 2 AM... so I couldn't do anything else... Thankfully Tuesday was also the last day of work for the year.


  1. Delicious pies are delicious ^^

    I understand your whole ordeal; one of the things people don't do the first few time cooking (make that 50 for me) is check the recipe and ingredients BEFORE making anything. I remember having to go back and forth for ingredients I forgot...

    Even so, I think you were quite good for your first try with the pies. Things tend to burn here and there, so it's all good (plus mom to the rescue ^^)

  2. Thanks :D It was softer than I thought, but what can you do with a big chunk of pudding/custard on a thin tart shell?

    I'm always astounded at how my mom just puts whatever in the pot and it's done without following any recipes.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm gonna try to make that banana cream pie again to use up the burnt tart shells ^_^

  3. I think they look so delicious! I've never tried baking pies before, but I've done quite a few cakes and other desserts.

  4. @Emi: I think it shouldn't be too hard to make these if you know how to make cakes ^_^