Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yuri Mania 7

Awww... isn't that cute ^_^

Gokigenyou readers! This week is not a skip week for Yuri Mania even though I haven't been feeling well lately. My cold symptoms started sometime last Sunday, and I wasn't giving it a thought or I could've prevented it... Anyway, enough about me, I'm almost all better now! Time to focus on the girls loving girls genre that is yuri!

Last week I reviewed the anime for Shoujo Sect, after I posted it I found the third episode. I was glad to see it conclude happily... though the anime was just a bit too short to conclude all the loose threads. I mean there were scenes that wasn't in the anime in the promotional video! What's up with that?? Thankfully someone was kind enough to find the manga and I finished that in one night! No wonder I got sick ^^;

The manga and the anime has different scenes, but ends about the same way. I do love the extra epilogue scenes in the manga though. And it doesn't hurt there are more yuri H situtations in the manga... Hekekek.

And finally...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 10

Only one strip this week before I make 4 strips in a row for next 2 weeks. The above is an unused scene... I decided I want Haruhi standing against the wall when Lily has her way with... Umm... you'll see.

The first one is a static image and the second is an animated gif, which I think looks better without the extra Saber face there ^^; ENJOY!


  1. lol it was getting good when Saber lily grabbed haruhi....

    good stuff ^-^

  2. Need more 4koma! ^_^

  3. very nice, I especially like the animated gif version ^^ Looking forward to more!

  4. What Lily is a synonym for Yuri?
    Really? Another lesson learned ^^

    Im waiting for a comci where Saber beats YOU up for all the stuff you made her do ^^

  5. @balancebox: My imagination went wild in my head when I was taking photos of that scene... Then I realize I'm not making a Figma ero-doujin, but a humorous 4koma ^^;

    @Tenrou: They're coming! I blame work for slowing me down! XD

    @Persocom: Thanks ^_^

    @Blowfish: "Yuri" is Japanese for "Lily" heheh. LoL hafta do a major camera trick if I make that comic XD

  6. The .gif was great. :D
    They seem to be getting more annoyed by you in every comic xD

  7. @Coco: LOL if that's annoyed then I dunno how they'll react in the next one XD Gonna be a busy week...

  8. Any Idea in what sense a Lily is related to beeing a lesbian?
    Everybody knows what a flower stands for but i didnt know that a lily stand for yuri

  9. @Blowfish: From my understanding of the Wiki link I have, is that it's from an old Japanese gay comic anthology called rose tribe (barazoku) and they referred to the women readers as lily tribe (yurizoku), but they only assumed that the women who wrote in were lesbians. Then another magazine picked up the "lily tribe" name and used it for their lesbian personal ad column. Later on, Doujinshi circles took the name "yuri" for their genre of story involving girls who love each other. Or if you don't understand what I'm saying you can just go to the Wiki link at the top of this post and read it yourself ^^;

  10. Nope i perfectly understood you! Thanks alot:D

  11. nice one lightningsabre!
    enjoyed it ^^

  12. @YuKi~To: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

  13. great 4koma and computer picture! not bad editing at all, I've been wanting to try doing something like that for a while but never got around to it.

    externe festplatten

  14. I like the graphics of this version. It is great to see it again.