Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kyon no Imouto - Summer in Spring

Wave 1/10 Kyon's Little Sister Swim Wear Ver. [Deluxe Edition]

Yay! Finally able to take pictures of Kyon's Little Sister figure that I received recently. I actually got it April 1st, but I had so many things happening during that week that I never got a chance to take pictures of her until now.

If you didn't know, Kyon's little sister is one of my favourite characters from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series. I've always wanted a little sister like her ever since I watched the show. So cute! Also I've gotten this question many times before, so I'll answer it here. She does not have a name, yet. The author of Haruhi Suzumiya novels have this interesting theme going on where people that have powers, Mikuru Asahina, Koizumi Itsuki, get a full name while ordinary humans, like Kyon and Tsuruya, has one name or no name at all.

The first picture shows you all the accessories that came in the box because it's the Deluxe Edition. It came with extra pairs of arms, two extra hairstyles and an extra face that winks. It's almost like a figma! Oh my... can you imagine a Kyon's Little Siter figma?? I want one!

If you came here from and expected to see three boxes then... APRIL FOOL'S! I almost did buy three of them, but I asked someone to stop me from buying three of them, through email, lol. She knows who she is.

I didn't realize that I could've put both the inner tube and the water gun when I took the pictures lol. I should've taken a look at the box first, I was too much in a rush, methinks ^^;

I guess the Deluxe Version comes with the extra parts in the plastic packaging on the left. I guess it was pretty easy for them to do it this way to differentiate between the deluxe and standard edition.

So yeah this is straight out of the box. I didn't even realize I could put the tube on her. It wasn't until I downloaded the picture that I saw this peg on her hand for the tube... But in order to put the tube you have to remove her arms and head first. So the standard version gets a twin tail.

The untied hair version. I decided to put the tube on this one. I took extra angles to show the top of the tube. Her shoulders are pretty easy to remove for easy arm replacement, but you do have to push it in tightly so that the seams aren't visible. I really love her beach flip flops!

The side ponytail version is my favourite! It's when I first fell in love with her... Conditionally speaking that is. I love her like a little sister... I swear! This is also to show you the winking face. Ain't she cute? One eye closed, one side of hair tied; that's how I thought of it when I took this picture. I've made this face into a default face when I put her back in the packaging. In order to change her face I had to remove it from the peg which was tight and putting in a new face is even tighter...

Kyon's Triple Little Sister. Made this in Photoshop. Took me a while because I had to separate three pictures from their background! Oh so painful just to make this composition... the one on the right is not even at the right angle... arrggh, so annoying. But whatever, it's just for fun anyway. Now I do have a chance to get two more of this figure, but I guess I won't since I don't have any space ^^;


  1. Hehe, you sure you didn't just actually buy three figures there? >=P

    But yeah, can't say I'm particularly into figures of little lolis...though from as objective as a perspective as I can manage, it does look nice.

  2. I actually thought you had 3 lol

  3. The first photo just looks... wrong... A happy little girl dancing around with a gun among a bunch of body parts... * _ *,

  4. @Snark: Yes, that's right, I didn't take pictures of the other 2 boxes XD
    I didn't really think of her as loli because jeez louise I only think of her as a little sister. I was quite disturbed with her Freeing bunny girl figure, which is why I didn't get it. 0.o

    @acesan: Good lol. Mission accomplished! XD

    @Michael: HAHAHA! I didn't even think about that. Good thing I didn't use the idea of her carrying somebody's head in one of the pictures ^^;

  5. not bad for a Kyon's sister figure, a Figma might be interesting, kind of like the Revoltech Yotsuba maybe.

  6. Even though i dont like the Haruhi franchise ive gotta admit that shes a cute figure

  7. I thought the "Deluxe" version comes with 3 Kyon's little sisters and the "Regular" version comes with just one ^^;;;;;;;

    Anyways, she's really cute indeed. But I would like to have an older sister more.

  8. @Persocom: Ooh I wonder if Kaiyodo will jump on that and create a Fraulein of her :D

    @Blowfish: I relish every scene that has her in it ^_^

    @Twu: LOL that was a good trick, eh? Hmm... well I'm going to have an older sister soon, sorta ^^; So a younger sister would be nice lol.

  9. I have a little sister and she's a pain in the ass. Well she's 18 now so she more of a pain than an ass. (If that made any sense :P)

    Nice figure. I'm still planning to get a Wave figure one day but just waiting for the right one. I will make sure it's a loli as my first. xD

  10. *Squee* She's so cute!

    IRL little sisters aren't that great. They take your food and toys cause they can play the "I'm younger" card. :'D *has been a little sister for 17 years*

  11. @Optic: Ahaha that made sense. I guess it's true, someone who has moe for little sister don't realize what a pain it is XD I have two of Kyon's Little Sister figures already. 2 Lolis!

    @Coco: LoL I was the younger brother to my older brother, so I know how much of a pain I was, but still the anime filter makes it more appealing ^^;

  12. Nice!

    I wish there was a Kyon's sister figma. It would be so cute in my collection

  13. wave figures are actually pretty damn good!

    april is a big month for me in terms of figures coming..
    you will see on my blog this week when 99% of it actually arrives!

  14. Hehe, I'm a bit concerned about the half face showing at her feet. Oh and the arms. Aside from that, it's cute. ^_^

  15. I like the center one in the last pic the most out of the 3.
    I love little sisters... I wish I had one too.
    If you did buy 3, what would you do with all the extra body parts???

  16. @blood on the mirror: Oh lord, I would get Kyon's sister to pester Saber Lily all day if there is a figma of her XD

    @lyfeprojekt: I've been holding back a lot for figures so I didn't really order too many, but doesn't mean that stops me from buying at a store ^^; I'm planning to buy 2-3 figures sometime this week...

    @janrhea: LoL that's just to show the parts. Is it THAT creepy?? Ahaha

    @Yi: I imagine the parts will be stuck in the box and forgotten... or maybe make some kind of horror picture with them ^^;

  17. LOL, I really thought that you got 3 different figures^^;;

  18. Kyon's sister Figma?! Did you say Figma!? I'm IN!

    She looks very nice, but the first picture was disturbing, keeps on reminding me of School Days or Chaos;Head for some reason.

  19. teh water gun she's holding reminds me of the super soaker when i was a kid. couldn't afford one back then. :(

  20. @aprilius20: Hehe I really would've gotten 3, but yeah... kinda silly if I did that ^^;

    @konadora: LoL I wish! Let's petition it. I mean they have 2 of Haruhi and Mikuru already. ^^; Ahaha is it that disturbing?

    @gordon: I never did have a super soaker either... Mom never did approve of it and I never gave it another thought XD

  21. 3.5 mikurus

    coming soon
    amazing figma count

  22. @lyfeprojekt: LOL Jeez 3.5 Mikurus?? And zero little sister figma? BLASPHEMY XD

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