Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yuri Mania 24: Kanamemo 11-13 END

Gokigenyou minna-san! I've finally finished the slice-of-life, occasionally yuri show that is Kanamemo (last week). So I thought I'll finally give the last few episodes a review (or just a summary). Pardon the lateness and I'm sure a lot of people have forgotten about Kanamemo, but I'll try to refresh your memories on this fun little show.

Episode 11
In this episode seems like half the cast gets sick! I have to say it's a typical episode of a slice-of-life, but of course there are some twists including the disgustingly yuri couple.

So it starts off with a rainy day where Kana comes home soaked right through her dress... I was waiting for Haruka to show up, but to no avail... It's the end of summer, but it seems to rain in Tokyo as much as it does in Vancouver. So it's no wonder a lot of them got sick.

Ok, a little hard to see but here Haruka is imagining herself sharing udon with Kana as a cold remedy... They had to stop unfortunately ^^;

So Yuuki got sick and Yume follows (after she did Yuuki's share of work). The only remedy apparently is to sweat it out and get a good night's sleep (which you'll have to watch yourself since I'm not screencapping that :P).

Oh Kana... maybe when you're older.

One of the most disturbing scene in the episode. Saki gets sick and Kana's imagination runs wild!

So eventually the cold/fever reaches the youngest (?) resident. Kana is the only one at home at the time, so she panics as per usual and worried for no reason. It gets a bit annoying how Kana is so persistent on trying to take care of Saki. So I know how Saki feels.

Turns out all she needs was a cute little furball to make her feel better.

And of course Kana gets sick too. It's not surprising since she's everywhere in the residence. This is where I got interested because it delved further into her fear of loneliness. Behind all the fun throughout the show you can't forget that Kana has pretty much lost her grandmother and losing more of what she calls family is definitely unbearable.

Not really my favourite episode, but I really enjoyed Kana's insecurity because in a way it reflects myself. Ah, but then again I don't care at times because I've got many things to occupy myself instead of thinking loneliness... Yeah, sorry, I'm very much an escapist.

Episode 11
Eyecatches can be quite fun ^^

The end of summer also means the flea market for the Fuushin Gazette. Also the only way they'll get enough funds to get an air conditioner.

Knee pits!

Yuuki and Yume never fails to keep their love alive... even in public in the flea market. Good thing for us, eh?

Once again Saki shows her super duper kawaii mode! And quickly changes back.

Kana eventually sneaks... Err... goes out for lunch, but Saki tells her to get change for their sales. And that's when she bumps into a familiar stranger.

Literally bumps into her.

Ok, Kana won't know her, but she is Marimo-chan who appeared in episode 8. The former employee of Fuushin Gazette. She's also selling at the flea market... but 10 yen per vegetable!? That's crazy price! I can see why she's lovable.

Somehow Kana gets roped into helping her... She is very influential after all. Eventually Kana can't help but follow her...

To her doom! No, just kidding... but it is quite a flip...

Eventually they found a sweet olive tree. I have heard of this tree because of its sweet smell, but I can't remember where I've heard this before. I'd like to have a whiff of this one day if it means relaxing under the tree in the shade and worry about nothing. The perfect setting for Marimo-chan to do her magic, as Kana puts it. Just like that, Kana's feelings of loneliness dissipates... And I'm glad for her. Because her attitudes changed quite a bit in the next episode, and I like it!

Kana seems to have forgotten something...

OMG! A Noizi Ito art for Kanamemo! KAWAII!

Episode 13
In the final episode, Haruka kidnaps Kana and Mika and does her way with them... Poor things, so young...

Ok, not really... it's the final episode, but the silliness seems to have gone higher in scale than before! The somber feelings of Kana's loneliness disappears and she gets much more confident.

But I'm still not confident with her bike riding skills...

So she's back to this bike riding training. Why? They're going to hire a new help and Kana's finally become a sempai! A sempai has got to know how to ride a bike, right? That's ok... I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 15...

Saki denies Haruka of gropi... interviewing the new helper.

Something I haven't seen in a while is Mika's blushing infatuation with Kana. I really wished this wasn't the last episode... I wanna see Mika's happy ending with Kana as well, lol.

Kana discovers a secret and makes a new face. A confident, sneaky face that even Haruka would be proud! Go get her Kana! This scene is definitely my favourite of the whole show. For once Kana is the seme! Someone go make a doujinshi of this, please!

I usually don't take screencap of that robot who does the fade away, but I cannot resist when he says "KanaMika". Tohoho. More of KanaXMika please! ^.^

This had to be the silliest scenes after that previously great scene... They're pretending to ride a bike and racing. When I first watched it, it felt like it was dragging... SOOOO SILLLY! XD Great ending by Kana though. It really reflect the fun side of this anime. It's corny yet you can't really show this to kids, can you?

An actual "Kanamemo"!

The change of scenery of Kana wanting a new diary felt like it was an episode of Azumanga Daioh. It seemed like there was a missing title for the second half of the episode. 2,980 yen is a tad expensive for the diary that Kana wanted, so eventually the other girls plotted... Umm... planned to give her the money.

You want a Kana? Only 2,980 yen! Order now!

So the plan was for them to gather money for Kana by asking her to do menial tasks, even verbally abusing Haruka... I wonder what she said that made Haruka blush!?

Aside from the silly bike riding pretend, it's a great final episode. Kana's really confident and she's really become part of the crew. The ending art (the very first picture on this post) of this episode was done by Shouko Iwami herself. I've only read one other Iwami's books called Suzunari. It involved the supernatural yet it was very down-to-earth because of how it told the story of relationships. Without relying on the supernatural, Kanamemo really touches on similar relationship themes.

It's a fun show and if you overlook the yuri scenes and fan service you can see the heart-warming story underneath it. I've really enjoyed the show, but it isn't my favourite. A lot of its silliness just bores me and the musical episode did nothing for me. I think it's worth watching at least once, but for me, I don't think I'll watch it again. Well maybe not until much, much later when I finally finish my unwatched pile (which will be in another hundred years), but I need some time before I go back to this show.


  1. Haven't watch the last two episodes yet T__T I really love ep11 but it was sad that Kana didn't know Marimo-chan. Haruka your so *beep*! XD

  2. Kanamemo was my first experience with Yuri seeing Yuuki and Yume kissing each other .

    At first , I was shocked , Eyes are wide opened and Head starts saying "WTH just happened ? " . I am new to Yuri , I've heard about them but never got into them .

    So far , I Like Soft core yuri . Yuuki and Yume is just tooo extreme for me . I just noticed that Konata and Kagami is in love with each other . I didn't notice that after rewatching Lucky Star The 3rd time .

    Still haven't finished Kanamemo though , Will catch it up in the near future . BTW , Do make a Kuroko and Misaka yuri fest too ^0^

  3. I've always had one thing and one thing to say only...

    yeah, interesting how they can have such corny scenes yet it's something you'd never show the children. Guess that's kanamemo's charm. it's like hidamari sketch; though it's ultimately stupid and pointless, but it's so overflowing with the milk of human goodness that giving it a bad rating and criticizing it makes one feel like one is the scum of the earth.

    No, no, not Noizi Ito...!

  4. F-----ck, pardon me, but Im beggining to forget I promised fellow snark to kill Haruka...

  5. I really need to watch this for all the yuri comedy. This seems really crazy, fun, and cute. Thanks for the reviews!

  6. @Yamada: Oooh go finish it! I hope I didn't spoil anything here...

    @UntoldHero: Heheh, interesting for this show to be your first yuri. It doesn't happen very often, and even shows that are more yuri-focussed don't even show that much kissing. Hmm... can't really say that Konata and Kagami are in love, but there's something going on there, lol. Maybe I'll do a major Railgun yuri gallery at the end of the series ;)

    @Ningyo: Hahaha you Saki freak, you XD Well I didn't really give it a bad rating, but I did criticize it a little, especially that musical episode, lol. Yes, yes, Noizi Ito!

    @GunStray: LoL he's gonna ask you for a refund :P

    @Yi: Were you able to catch some of the episodes? It's not as yuri-focussed as Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto, but it's there ^^ And you're welcome!