Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yuri Mania 17: Kanamemo 4

Gokigenyou! Welcome to my fourth week in a row of Yuri Mania. This streak happens thanks to my current review of Kanamemo. However, I made Yuri Mania as general yuri related posts, not focused on just one yuri series. Which is why my first YM post was general idea of what I was watching. So even though I've been reviewing Kanamemo, I do put in other yuri in here as well ^_^

Such as what just came in the mail this week: The complete series of Strawberry Panic. I know it's an old series, but I haven't finished it yet when the first fansub came out. I should get going on these older series ^^; I was actually waiting for AnimeWorks to make the complete disc for this... It took them a while though, sheesh!

I bought Simoun a long time ago, and I believe there's a complete disc set for this series as well; long before Strawberry Panic had the set. And Strawberry Panic came out BEFORE Simoun! I just started watching it, and so far they're introducing too many characters at once... maybe it's a yuri show trait.

Kanamemo Episode 4
Love the eyecatch!

I gotta be honest with you; I didn't like this episode very much... They made it to be a musical and it became a very strange episode to watch. Some of the songs are cute, but most of the time their singing voices are quite bad and they're forcing words into the tune. That is one of my pet peeves for songs... If they did it well then I wouldn't have minded, but they didn't.

This week's plot revolves around the freebie coupons that newspapers give away for subscribers. I've seen something like this in other anime such as Suzuka where they use this free coupon/ticket for dates between the two characters, but never seen it from the point of view of the ticket givers.

Haruka parodying one of those popular mascot characters (I can't name it right now...) showing that sometimes she keeps the coupon. ^^;

They all feel sad when they hear Kana never went anywhere for summer, not even a swimming pool. So this episode they try to get Kana to have some fun in Waterland... Unfortunately their work schedule doesn't really accommodate this idea =(

Haruka has a really twisted imagination...

Very twisted.......

She's a good source of yuri touchy-feely scene though ^^;

Twisted Haruka is twisted XD

Yep... in my line of work, this statement is pretty much the norm. We've got a LOT of whiney clients unfortunately... or they're just plain jerks.

Love all these yuri scenes in the show... I think I'll just put a lot of these shots for my review :P

This is a nice line by Haruka... come, my yuri harem!

YAY! The obligatory yuri changing room groping scene!

Hina's starting to become one of my favourite characters too because of this scene and she gives Haruka a good whack on the head whenever she goes out of control XD

The musical was really weird... but it gives some good screenshots out of them.

Like this one... ^^;

Mika's finally got her appearance in the episode, in a swimsuit no less!

One reason why Yume is my favourite is because she makes these kinds of faces that I like ^^

Haruka can't stop the Kana groping... lolicon to the core!

So that's how that episode went. I wasn't too keen on doing this episode's review because of the musical aspect of it, but I plowed through it. It feels more like a filler episode anyway... I have yet to check the manga for this...

That's all for this week. I'll continue review of Kanamemo and bring you more yuri when I find'em. Til next time, gokigenyou!


  1. Okay *Brings out BFG* No line can now save Haruka, she just became annoyance. We need Moar of Yume's *ω* though

  2. Haven't seen Strawberry Panic yet???
    You should get to it. It's such a yuri classic and it's great.

  3. @GunStray: Haha yeah, Haruka is starting to be a bit too much. Yah that face makes Yume teh win :3

    @Yi: I know >_< I will watch it. I dunno if I should finish Simoun first or go with Strawberry Panic now.


  5. Ooh, they have complete boxsets yet for "Strawberry Panic" and "Simoun"? Affordable too it seems judging by the online shop prices... might have to pick those up. Liked "Simoun", it had excellent hidden depth and "Strawberry Panic" was just one big guilty pleasure. ^^

  6. Yeah! Haruka need some love here, she's hilarious "Come, My Harem" LMAO I like that line XDDD

  7. After spending another whole week on Sasara's story, I poke my head out yet again to catch up on the blogroll, when am I ever going to have time to catch up on the anime >.>;

  8. @Snark: Looks like that's gonna be your line for this season ^^;

    @bluebluewave: Yeah, they are quite cheap. Which is why I like to wait for the collected edition. I was close to just watch the SP fansubs too. I'll have to quicken my pace to watch these two...

    @Yamada: LoL yea... she's hilarious at times, but she was particulary annoying in this episode to me for some reason. Might be the musical thing >.>

    @Wolfheinrich: Ah I'm very behind, so you're pretty much up to date in my blog at least. I should really catch up on others...

  9. >>Snark: worry not, Im devising a plan to kill teh evil annoyance >=]

    S#it Simoun looks intriguing

  10. @ GunStray

    "Im devising a plan to kill teh evil annoyance"

    I am proud to call you my friend.

  11. wow... she's incorrigible.

  12. ^_^ =3 muahaha love Yume's face sometimes but Saki will always be my fav...and ohh BTW Robert look at this XD MAUAHAHH:

  13. @GunStray & Snark: Looks like there's a conspiracy brewing on my blog here XD

    @radiantdreamer: She is crazy like a fox!

    @Argyle: Love that smile very much ^_^