Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Selphie Tilmitt!

It's Selphie's birthday today on July 16th! She's my favourite Final Fantasy character to date. That girl named Lightning might be a second fave, heheh. Selphie Tilmitt is originally from Final Fantasy VIII and in that game she's the token girl with the bubbly personality, along the lines of Yuffie (FFVII) and Rikku (FFX). But don't mistake her to be airheaded though. She can hack your computer in seconds! She's a computer whiz in the game. She's also the reason why I also like the colour yellow ^_^

Oh and it's also my grandmother's (from my mom's side) birthday! Selamat ulang tahun oma!

This figure still in its original packaging and is probably one of the first few figures I've ever purchased. Back then I was still under the impression that figures that are still in their packages worth more. Although to me I doubt I'll sell this since she's a favourite. I remember that I bought in the United States when my family went to Seattle. I probably bought it from an Electronics Boutique (that's what GameStop used to be, in case some people don't know).

A close up of the face... Unfortunately since it's such an old figure, about 10 years old now, the blister plastic is turning yellow. I wonder what caused that?

Here's the back of the packaging... They were hard to find figures if I remembered correctly.

And there you are, July 16, Selphie's birthday ^^

The following I wanted to have a special picture with my 1/8 Kotobukiya Selphie figure and the Play Arts figure, but I didn't realize how big the Play Arts figure was. I was going to have the big Selphie to carry the smaller one ^^;;

Instead you get a sisterly love picture. Chibi Selphie is cute, ne? ^.^

"Yay! Sephie-onee-chan can play with me!"

The following is another tribute to Selphie using the Kotobukiya figure. I'm also using the pictures as the giveaway. I'm not expecting to win since I just did them in a rush... Either way it was a tribute for her birthday ^_^ So without further ado...

Selphie in Odaiba!

O wow she's just looming there! A bit too shiny perhaps ^^; I pretty much just googled for a picture of the Odaiba Gundam to find this picture. Seems to be everywhere now!

Here are the original pictures.

A big crowd is waiting for the boards to be taken down so they can see up Selphie's... Umm... yeah, you get the idea... Anyhow, I'm calculating that this Selphie is around 12:1 scale ^^;

The original untouched picture.

And now a closeup of Selphie from almost directly underneath! I was begging Chun and her hubby to let me borrow this picture, but I sorta butchered a lot of it, lol... sorry Chun and husband ^^;;; Thanks for letting me use it... sorta XD

And here's the original picture. Much better looking, right?

This was my favourite angle of the Odaiba Gundam... and now it's got my favourite Final Fantasy character on it ^_^ This picture was originally from Punynari's blog.

The original picture. I only had to use a section of it, thankfully ^_^
Lastly I'll leave you with Selphie's reaction to her newly built bigger-than-life statue XD


  1. "Selamat ulang tahun oma"
    Would it be safe to guess that your grandmother is Indonesian?

    Anyways, Selphie was pretty cool; she was definitely a welcome relief to Squall's angst and unwarranted self importance.

    Fuujin was also tits.

  2. or Happy Birthday to both of you :P

  3. LOL =3 I love your pictures :P
    Yuffie is my favorite FF character ^_^ and whoa..
    never opened? XD I'd die if I can never open the box of my figures :P hehe XD =3

  4. Holy shit Selphidzilla!

    Hey Saber I didn't know it was your birthday, you should've told me beforehand~~~ =D

    Anywhoo happy birthday my friend! ^^

  5. Happy bday to both. ^ ^

    The last picture made me laugh. Your extraction and photoshop skills is so good.

  6. Too bad I haven't played much FFVIII yet (mainly because of the fact that my discs broke... -_-). Cheerful girls of the FF series do tend to bring a bit more life to the games; I admit that I used to have a soft spot for Rikku (and I got a FFX-2 Play Art figurine as a result, which was a long time ago too).

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to Selphie and your grandmother!

  7. That last image is full of lies! I don't see anything! :'(

  8. @Snark: Yup, she's Indonesian. LoL yea, Selphie's a breath of fresh air for sure ^^ I remember Fuujin was pretty hawt too XD

    @Yamada: Thanks ^^

    @Argyle: LoL it was the collector's thing to do back then not to open any of their figures because it'll worth more in the future ^^;

    @Yaku: LoL cat's out of the bag, eh? ^^;;
    I don't make a big deal out of my bday so I don't really tell anybody XD

    @Yi: Thank you! Extraction is easy but takes so much time, and at times I can't seem to get the colours to blend right, lol. Typical self-critic for me. ^^;

    @Q: Wow the FFX-2 PlayArts figures are kinda rare now! Nice get! I haven't finished FFVIII, honestly... lost my discs somewhere between the move to the new house... A PSN download perhaps? :D

    @Michael Flux: LOL! You'll have to do with the third picture XD

  9. That's so funny ^_^ great use of photoshop ^_^ That makes an awesome gift. Maybe you should include the photoshop photo as well.

  10. Happy birthday to Selphie, and, as I've said in three different places already, happy birthday to you XD

  11. @robostrike: Oh man... that's too much work to put in the originals... LOL kidding, I already put it in. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for the compliments ^^

    @gndynames: LoL Thank you again ^_^

  12. @FatB: What? When? It's only Selphie & my grandmother's birthday.

  13. I was like whos Selphie, thought it was a friend of yours =_=;;

    Happy Belated B-day to Selphie and your GrandMa

  14. Very neat work, could have fooled me! Happy b-day to Selphie!

  15. @lightning sabre: The colors blended great ^^.

  16. @GunStray: LoL I'd like her to be my friend ^_^

    @Wolfheinrich: Hehe thanks -^^- It's too bad you'll miss this 12:1 scale statue when you get there XD

    @Yi: Thanks, I was doing this in a rush and it didn't look that right ^^; Always the self-critic am I.

  17. Heeey! I recognize that Selphie! ^_^

    I'm so glad she's being put to good use! Even though I already wished you one on facebook, happy birthday!

  18. @radiantdreamer: LoL I bet you do XD I really need to clean up my room so I can display her properly. Thanks again ^^

  19. Really well done. I lurve what you did with photoshop. ^^

  20. I love this series of Final Fantasy VIII figures...

    I still have Rinoa Heartilly and Quistis Trepe of the Extra Soldiers by Bandai still in it's original packaging... hanging on a wall on thumbtacks!

    My favorite is of course Rinoa Heartilly... just cause I'm a sucker for the couple within Final Fantasy VIII.

  21. @Ace: That's what I used to do with this Selphie as well. I don't have much wall space these days unfortunately... I like the other characters as well, but Selphie "stood out" for me ^^;

  22. Happy birthday, Selphie!

    Poor girl... no one wishes her a happy birthday this year... :(

    Heineken anyone???

  23. She is so cute...i like her...can imagine..with her cute face and cute small lid