Sunday, July 26, 2009

Otanjoubi Omedetou Aniki!

July 26th is my brother's birthday! Yep, our birthdays are 10 days apart. Though he's 6 years older than me... 5 years and 355 days to be exact :P "Aniki" means "big brother", by the way.

He's the one who inadvertently got me into anime back when I was really young. I can't even remember how old I was, but I know he was showing me Voltes V at a really young age. I can't even pronounce Voltes back then... I called it "wortel". For the non-Indonesians out there, "wortel" means "carrot" ^^;

He's got me into a lot of things later on too. Namely Inital D, and that got me into cars (a little bit) and some of its Eurobeat music, including MOVE who did the theme songs to Initial D. So which is why I'm giving him the latest MOVE album, Humanizer. Although neither of us played Kingdom Hearts, my brother's always been a Mickey Mouse fan (whereas I was a Donald Duck fan :P). When he bought me my present, the Ayanami Rei maid figure, he also saw this and I told him I'll get him this for his birthday. So hopefully he enjoys his birthday.

July 26th is also Lunamaria Hawke's birthday! Happy birthday Lunamaria ^_^ Which is why I used Lunamaria's picture on my cell phone whenever my brother calls me XD

Here are a couple of Lunamaria pictures to put up some of my otaku quota in my posts ^^;

Image from Gelbooru

This one is also from Gelbooru, but the artist has his own website... Do visit him to find other cute anime and video game girls drawn in CG!


  1. I tried to get my bro into anime but I failed. He knew how addictive I was into and he wasn't gonna fall for it.
    I guess he saw right through me then. lol

    Still, I was able to convince him to watch Air TV and he liked it.
    I guess I didn't completely fail after all. xD

  2. Trims LS-chan!
    Happy birthday Luna!!

  3. I've always been envious of folks who have siblings. Growing up as an only child can be quite lonely sometimes =(

    And wow, I didn't know Lunamaria's birthday is today. Where did you get this from?

    Oh, and happy birthday to your bro!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday again to you and your big bro!

    Workin hard to convert my lil siblings into otaku. Lil bro likes Key stuff (kanon, clannad, air) while lil sis likes Clamp. now if I can only get me dad to watch at least one w/o him falling asleep. T___T

  5. @Optic: Haw slowly but surely. Now hit'em hard with Kanon and Clannad next!

    @MH: TanjouOme onii-chan! :P

    @gndynames: Well being the younger brother doesn't make it all fun sometimes ^^; I kinda wish I have a younger sibling myself. Which is why I like Kyon's little sister ^_^

    Yep, it's Luna's birthday. Found it on Wikipedia: They have one for Sterllar too, but no birthday due to the nature of her "birth".

    @necrophadian: Thanks ^^ Haha keep up the good work. I'd suggest something in short bite-size for your dad, like one of those 15-min episodes anime. I can't think of one right now, but I know they're out there!

  6. So you are in the "Family" and your brother is your "aniki" ^^

    I always preferd Donald Duck over Micky Mouse.While Mickys Stories were rather boring and goody two shoes Donalds adventures were far more hilarious.

    So errr whats Eurobeat?Sounds like its from my Region but I never heard of it

  7. Happy Birthday to your brother Robert~^_^ though I am a day behind but kyyaa~ BTW your birthday drawing (sorry been busy) XD do you want meh to put "Happy Birthday Robert" or "Otanjoub Omedetou" on the drawing?? or leave it as is?? :P hehe sorry for major delay >__<

  8. @Blowfish: LoL in the "Family" business ^^;

    I think that's why... Mickey is a bit goody goody, while Donald is one crazy duck! XD LoL if it's Eurobeat for the rest of us then it's just "beat" for you ^^; Umm... well here's a few for example:
    Heartbeat and Night of Fire.

    @Argyle: Up to you :) It's your art ^^ Don't worry about it so much, take your time ^_^

  9. So you're going with the Donald huh. I'm more of a Mickey person. :P

  10. @T.I.P.: Haw! Maybe I should post my Donald Duck shirts :P