Monday, November 22, 2010

My Little Sister Can't be the Rozen Queen

I don't mean Kirino from OreImo by the way... I refer my Azonyan as my little sister these days ^_^ This is Azusa's Aria!

Here she is relaxing while I show her the first season of Aria. That chair is very comfortable, even if she's only sitting on the armrest.

Ah Aika... You're so cool and beautiful!
Azunyan: I think you're obsessed onii-chan...

Azunyan is quite absorbed while watching Aria... Like brother, like sister :)

Here she moved forward to see better... Looks like she's getting excited over something...

Azunyan: Hazukashii serifu kinshi!
I guess I'm not the only one who likes Aika now ^_^

Azunyan: What is up with that marshmallow with almonds for eyebrows??

Azunyan: Aika, I want to be your friend too!
So after watching a couple of episodes I showed Azunyan her present that I couldn't give to her on her birthday...

Oh! Looks like she's happy with her present... I wonder what it is ;)

Azunyan: Aaah! My very own Himeya uniform! I can look like Aika now.
The uniform is a collaboration of Cospa and Azone, which makes it C-Zone. I got this from Mandarake by the way... I ordered it originally from HLJ, but they had it on back order for a while now. When I saw it cheaper at Mandarake, I went ahead to get it. Of course little did I know that the shipping cost as much as the item...
Azunyan: Okay, I'm going to change into this now... Don't peek oniichan...
Okay, I won't...

Maybe a little peek wouldn't hurt... *nosebleed*

Azunyan: Oniichan, since you're looking anyway, can you zip me up?
What me? Look? I don't know what you're talking about... But I'll zip you up.
Azunyan: Whatever you say, oniichan...

Ooooooh! It looks good on you!

Uh-oh... It looks like it's too big for you Azunyan...
Azunyan: ... Let's try the heels on, that might give me some height.

Ah no... The heels doesn't help much... I'm sorry Azunyan...
Azunyan: I guess... We can let oneesama try it out...
Oh? That's very generous of you.
Azunyan: It would be a waste if no one wears it......

Azunyan: Oneesama, I can't wear this, but I thought it might fit you better.
Saber: Ah, thank you Azunyan.

Like brother, like sister... Azunyan reminds me of Kuroko for some reason...

It fits Saber perfectly! She looks very pretty just wearing the dress.

Saber, you really look like you're working at Himeya.
Saber: Thank you! It feels good.
Azunyan: But oneesama your name doesn't even start with an 'A', you can't really be a part of Aria...
Saber: Umm... My true name is Arturia, by the way...
Uuuuuhhh... Azunyan, what are you doing?
Azunyan: KINSHI!

Azunyan: I'm sorry oneesama... But I will be the Rozen Queen! Now oniichan, switch my head with hers...
Huh!? Was that your plan all along??
Who knew underneath that smile lies a psy... Oniichan, what are you saying about me? Aren't you going to switch my head with oneesama? Uuuhh... Azunyan, you can't be talking here... This is the part where I write outside the storylin...

Oniichan, do you see this knife in my hand? You do, don't you? Then do as you're told! -- Why do all my stories have fourth wall breaking?

Azunyan: Ta-da! It fits me perfectly!
That's because it's not your body...

Azunyan: What was that?

The shoes and accessories are very accurate, but the yellow part falls off often. The black part isn't supposed to be a sock, but since Saber's feet are so small, it looks like a pair of socks.

The hat doesn't fit her at all... Looks a bit different than the one in the anime, but  it's still a nice touch. I may have to pin it or something if I want to bring Azunyan along.

The hat isn't backwards. The logo is meant to be in the back.

This is for the Aria fans... A reference to a chapter in the Aqua manga where Aika first became a single and was showing off to Akari ^_^

Hmm... What's this last pose for I wonder? Does it look familiar? Below is the reference picture.

Disclaimer: No dolls were harmed in the making of this story... Saber is sitting safely with her head attached to her body. Azunyan is just acting for the sake of my storyline... I'm not writing this under duress. She is not pointing a knife at me to write this par..........


  1. A bit weird seeing azunyan with Saber's body and that hat really does looks tiny .

    In this comic , Azunyan is very dangerous in both the good and bad way XD

  2. Hm need to look for Aria downloads. Nice dress there, fits Azunyan too.

  3. Just remember this was three seasons long with 52 episodes...Aria the Origination (the last season) is my favorite of the series, along with the OVA...(thumbing through the books that came with the box sets...)

  4. @Densha Otoko: Azunyan's head is too small for Saber's body, but she doesn't look too bad when she's wearing the clothes. I think I'm corrupting Azunyan ^^;

    @Yamada: Yes, yes, look for Aria! It's a great watch! Hmm Azunyan fits the dress AFTER she stole Saber's body XD But if you mean it looks good on her, then yes :)

    @amateur_cameko: Yup yup, I watched the 3 seasons early this year. Really great stuff. Overall Origination looked the best out of the 3 and the Natural, not the best looking one... I mostly like the episodes with Aika in it, lol.

  5. Arara... deadly Azusa as an undine!? Never let her get close to a knife.

  6. Somehow, Azunyan got even cuter wielding a knife! Anyways, the undine costume is lovely. ^ ^

  7. @Orange: Ahaha it's so very un-Aria-like, eh?

    @Yi: LoL you do like cute girls with weapons after all, yes? ^_^ It sure is lovely :)

  8. Haha, haven't seen any ARIA in a long time. Though I do have a few ARIA punits that I found at Mandarake on my desk, just need Aika to finish the set ^^. That's pretty cool that they make ARIA clothes ^^. Aria Shaichou spinning around in the bowl is one of my favorite scenes ^^.

  9. @AS: Oh cool the Punits, eh? I wonder if that's what I ordered a long time ago from a sale... Yeah, I was very close to buying up the other uniform too, but it was already expensive in the first place ^^; LoL President Aria is just too silly XD