Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dolls of AX 2011

This year's Anime Expo had quite a significant difference... It's the first time I have two imouto attending with me ^^ This year I brought Helen and Mugi to Anime Expo. Because of this I seemed to have gotten more photos of dolls and Dollfie Dreams during AX ^^;

Here is Helen trying out an oversized dress XD Can you guess whose dress that is?

If you guess this girl below, Sasara, then you are correct! This is Tsubasa's Sasara. I borrowed her dress for Helen to try out, but the chest area definitely had room to spare ^^;;;

Sasara seem to be always having her arms crossed below her chest, lol!

Here's a view from our room. You can clearly see Nokia Theater and Staples Center from our room.

Here's a view at night. It was really tricky because you get all sorts of reflection on the window. This photo was the only one that turned out well.

There were a few Dollfie Dreams on display at the AAA booth in the Exhibit Hall. Danny requested a few DD to volunteer to wear the Mirai uniforms. This one is Wolfheinrich's Airi... And no, he did not attend this year's AX. Apparently this is an import ^^;

This one is Simply_Aroused's Ryomou. The Millenium outfit looks really awesome!

And the next one is also his... Saber Lily in the Mirai meido outfit.

Before AX started, Danny mentioned that Obitsu will have a booth at the Exhibit Hall... What I didn't realize was that it was a very small booth... I was expecting something bigger.

There were many Obitsu dolls in display though. These ones are the new Lilia models. Unlike the first one, these ones do not have twin tails.

This is the Mizuki model. She looks really cute! Kinda like Nagato Yuki ^^

And beside her is the Mikazuki model... I wonder how much those guitars cost.

The first Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi Azone 1/3 doll, Asahina Mikuru. I was tempted to get this a long time ago, but thought she wasn't for me...

And beside her is Azone's 1/3 Fate Testarossa. Unfortunately most of my photos turned out kinda bad...

I hung out at the Obitsu booth only briefly, but for some reason it's one of the most memorable moments at this year AX. Maybe because I got Helen who has an Obitsu body. I also took a lot of photos of the booth because Chun requested some ^^

I bought the Obitsu 11 body because someone linked that you can use a Nendoroid head on it. I had quite a chat with the employees there. Finding out about the Obitsu 11 body, the 27cm body and talked about my own Obitsu-bodied Helen. I didn't bring her on the first day, but I came back the next day to show her off. They had quite a laugh when I explained her name... Ellen is the original, but Ecchi (H) + Ellen = Helen. They also gave me a catalogue and a few flyers. I asked for another catalogue the next day, but I didn't want to spend the $10 for a second copy ^^;

Here is Ms. Obitsu, Maki Yuriko-san. She mostly speaks Japanese, but she caught some of my English and the employees that spoke English translated for her ^^ They also took a picture of me with Helen... I wonder what happened to that photo ^^;; I also gave them my blog address... I wonder if they got a chance to visit :)

This one is a cute Neris! Her eyes are quite unique.
Since Danny Choo is also at AX, there were many, many Dollfie Dreams present! Unfortunately I was busy talking to a few people I just met that I couldn't take photos of all of them.

This is Cosplayshots' Beato. He got a very cute wig and outfit on her.

DancingQueen's Yoko with a dakimakura and Danny's Yuki dressed as Mirai.


SouthernBelle's Sasara (?) wearing a new outfit made by Chun that I delivered from Vancouver to L.A. They call it Lightning Saber Courier (LOL)... I think "LSC" sounds better than "LOL" :P

This one is Yoko? That top really works well for her... Must be cold in the Meet & Greet room ^^

Helen snuggles up with Mugi and Mirai. And yes, she got that new hat from the Artist Alley :D Will post more about that soon.

BerserkFuryZero's Kiriha looks very cute! She might be one of the ones I'll try to get if I ever get around to getting a DD. But then again there are just too many choices...

At one point there were 4 Dollfie Dreams in our hotel room since Tsubasa had his own courier services XD Here's Helen getting close to a semi-naked Airi ^^

And one last group shot... Tsubasa's Sasara is the only one dressed in this panty party, lol.


  1. lol I saw this earlier but no chance to comment :P anyways, nice post! Helen need some padding to wear that black dress ^^;;;

  2. @chun: Ah ok ok ^^ Just wanted to make sure you got a look at bigger pictures XD She should put some nendoroids as padding.

  3. Haha, Beato makes everything look great, I can't take any credit for the look!

    I really wish Obitsu had brought more stuff, maybe some of the 60cm clothes they sell.

  4. @Max: But you helped ^^ Yeah, I guess Obitsu sorta got in last minute... I think that's what they told me, so unfortunately they didn't get to produce much items =/

  5. Looks like you had fun at AX~ While I couldn't be there personally, I did sent Airi in my stead so it's all good right :3 I didn't know you have the hot for Kiriha, perhaps it's time to join the dark side now?

  6. @Wolfheinrich: Yep, Airi experienced it for ya :D LoL if there's a cheap Kiriha then we'll see :P