Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taiga Hunting Sakura and Other Spring Days

It's been a busy spring. Taiga were sad I wasn't able to post the photos I took of her last month... It was quite a rainy April, so it was hard to take spring photos outside. This is one of those rare days where it didn't rain. Figured I'd take a walk around the neighbourhood.

Since I'm also behind on posting other photos, I thought I'd put them all together here ^^; And also on Flickr!

A lot of streets lined with sakura!

Not sure what plants those are behind Taiga, but I thought it was cute.

Found this cute log decoration outside someone's house. I had to pause a little bit so the resident of the house go in first before I took photos ^^;

Oh, I also got a new phone last month. I posted this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago calling it, "Taiga logging in." ^^;

Cherry blossom not bloomed yet.

A little pot luck dinner with friends... And dolls.

Théo is shy, especially with all the big ladies around him.

Cute Shion is cute! Especially with those pigtails.



Bunnies! There were lots and lots of bunnies. I'd pick one up as a pet if I could.

Sexy Miu taking a walk in Minoru Park.

Cute lil baby bunnies ^^

Dessert time! Crème brûlée made by Navci!

A new Lego store opened early in May and they built this gigantic Lego R2-D2 at Oakridge Mall!

Then I had a BBQ at a friend's place. Wished i took pictures of the food, lol, but that woulda made you all hungry :P

MEIKO's outfit is actually Helen's! Helen's 50cm but seems to fit MEIKO just fine ^^ A bit sexy with the sideboob, but I'm not complaining :P


  1. Did you eat those baby bunnies? They give you extra life.

    1. Roasted Wabbits are awesome fatty meat than chickens.

    2. I've had rabbit meat before. Tastes like chicken but harder to chew ^^;

  2. LOL at FatB's remark :P Always hungry... lolol you probably don't want to keep a pet without doing homework lol Lovely ducklings sighting! I hope we get to see them again ^o^

    1. I almost bought rabbits from a friend, lol. So close! And looks like you did find those ducklings, eh? :D