Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off with Her Head!

I found the Komikita Komari figure from Kotobukiya! This little cutie from Little Busters was quite cheap actually. She is quite tiny, but I was enthralled by pictures of her sparkly eyed face... Which brings me to the title of this post; I can't take her head off! The only way to replace the face is to take her off the neck, but it's stuck real good in there, and I just can't take it off fearing I might break something. I tried twisting and that's never good either, though it was close to coming off.

This post was supposed to be a review on her, but if I can't even put on the second face then this is not worth a review yet... So I hope there's someone out there who can help me by explaning how to replace her face with the sparkly eyed one. Two panty shots for you in the meantime, and maybe motivate you enough to show me how to take her head off ^^;

And yes, this is my true purpose of buying the mirror base ^_^


  1. She looks pretty good, how much did she go for?

  2. She was around CAN$40 or CAN$45. Kotobukiya figures are much cheaper through an American distributor (Diamond).

  3. lol mirror base for people who likes to look effortlessly.

  4. @Coco: LOL yep, pink stripes indeed!

    @Q: It was actually hard to position her on the white base to get that shot XD