Sunday, November 8, 2009


Oh lookit that... It's my 100th post! I'm crying tears of joy as expressed by Mikuru's face here... Ok not really. I didn't really plan too much for my 100th post honestly. I did do quite a bit of work to do the next batch of Saber Lily 4koma though. These ones don't really follow any storylines, so I thought calling them omake is appropriate.

I haven't done batch comics in a while since the last few ones had major background replacement. These ones were pretty simple. The first one had the most work done, but even that didn't involve too much editing.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 24

This was somewhat inspired by the John Woo action movie, "Face/Off". At least the title is... I've been wanting to do this sequence for a while since I've been borrowing the original Saber's alternate face on Saber Lily for so long. It's time she gets her face back!

The crying face is of course, Mikuru's, the first picture you see in this post. I was going to place the face directly... but the face was actually too big on Saber Lily's head. No standardized face sizes in Figma...

Thus, Mikuru's face had to be imposed in Photoshop. The above photo is what it originally looked like. Oh and I borrowed a bit of Yunamon's effects for the comic above. His 4koma is quite inspiring ^_^

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 25

Yup, gotta cater to the fujoshi community as well, lol. Though I dunno if what Yuki's doing at the end is even reality or not ^^; This comic was based on the dialogue between Haruhi and Saber Lily in the previous comic post and fueled by FatBastard's comment on Figure.FM. Yuki was added later on to complete the 4 panels... It's something Yaku would've wanted ^_^

Not much to say here... I was pretty much trying to take the photos so that their imaginary "appendage" is either blocked or not visible. Oh yeah, I did borrow that line from Baka Tsuki's translation of the Haruhi novels. It seemed appropriate. ^_^

"In other words" inspired an idea. Well the idea was there before I came up with this title, but it's definitely something I'll do in the future.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 26

This whole thing about GN Archer being a female mecha and the tentacle monster came about around last winter when they first showed GN Archer and how feminine it looked. This idea was inspired by WiseFreeman who did a post on GN Archer a long time ago. I remember I commented on how there should be a GN Archer doujinshi ^.^ Haven't seen one yet, so I decide to make my own :P

I pretty much spoiled the tentacle vs GN Archer action in my last post... but I didn't spoil the appearances by Saber Lily and Haruhi. They were part of the plan, but weren't revealed til now! I cracked up just from the dialogue going on in the last (lily) panel XD

The 4koma below is the rejected pile. I was going to do two versions with the GN Archer, but I felt it was too redundant and went with the one with the lily panel ending. Since I saved the other one already, you might as well take a look... It's weak, I know -_-

I like the title better, but it was a bit too long to fit in the comic anyway :P Which one did you like better?

All of these 4koma are on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site of course. I've been putting them there and surprised anyone who've been visiting that with new comics even though I haven't made this post yet.

So how was the 100th post? It included guro (face removing), yuri and even yaoi! Catering to everyone's tastes... XD


  1. Nice omakes!
    Yuki likes observing a lot... LOL. Koizumi is such an ecchi.

  2. Wow...the face one is going to give me nightmares -_-

  3. No standartized Figma Faces?
    I was shocked to find out that the Nendo faces aren t standartized either.

    A nice ecchi 100th BlogPost!
    Well done, Ecchi Mann!

  4. lol Face Off... Just like in the movie (almost) ^^;

  5. Congrats the 100th post~

    Just sent your something on email~

  6. Figmas aren't the only ones with the non-standardized face. The Fraulein series also having that.

    Its' scary when Saber takes out Lily Saber's face...

    p.s. my grunt units got... "soviet-russia" by Yoko... XD

  7. Hehe,these are super funny. The face one is kind of creepy. ^ ^

    I hope Koizumi and Kyon are not doing what I think they are...

    Anyway, I liked the first of the gn archer one. I guess it sort of counts as yuri?

    Congratulations on post 100!

  8. @ninjovee: LoL when your duty is to observe, then you gotta at least enjoy it, right? XD And you don't know if it's Koizumi who started that ;)

    @Snark: Sleep tight, man! XD

    @Blowfish: Zankyuu! Yeah, the figma faces don't fit to other characters from another series, even if it's from the same series!

    @Q: Heheh yeah, it was a great movie :D

    @Wolfheinrich: Thank you! I saw that at work, but I didn't get home til late. Will take a look soon ;)

    @bd77: Ah damn... Frauleins too, eh? I thought they would at least fit each other. Hekekek, is it that scary? :P Heheh, looked like Yoko's having fun there XD

    @Yi: Eheheh, I didn't realize Face Off was that creepy XD Ummm... Kyon and Koizumi are... comparing "Pokemons"! Yeah, that's it... "Pokemon" >.>

    Thank you very much ^_^

  9. Haven't seen that Lily panel in a long time, Ecchi Man. You're regressing. :)

    That "thing that Yuki is doing is apparently called Shlicking".

  10. nice job lol, loved 24 and 25, the Yuki part cracked me up xP grats on 100 posts ^^

  11. @radiantdreamer: LoL I try not to rely on the lily panel too much XD It works quite well for this one! Aha, and thanks for the info ^^;;;

    @Persocom: Thank you ^_^ I'm really liking Yuki here. She'll appear some more ;)

  12. Heh, well not to repeat what has been already said 10x over, but yeah, congrats on the 100 posts dude :D

  13. @Michael: Thanks! The 100th post is something, but I think to me it's not that big of a deal compared to its content ^_^

  14. @phossil: I've been dying to do this comic for a while now XD It had to be done!

  15. LOL @ Saber. "FACEOFF." play on words....done so well :) Good post :D

  16. @FaS: Thanks ^^ That one actually was more challenging than I thought, but the result is quite fun ^_^