Friday, May 25, 2012

Dolls and Beaches

It suddenly became very sunny in Vancouver in the beginning of May, so the group decided to have a meet on the beach on May 12th. Thankfully Flamebyrd brought an umbrella because dolls don't like the sun much ^^;

Obey your thirst! Drink Sprite! Sadly I spilled some because I must've shook it when I was carrying in my bag ^^;

Lots of people on the beach. It wasn't that warm yet, and lots of wind. Later on in the day it became quite warm in the sun.

Helen's about ready to go swimming.

Oh, looks like she's got her swimsuit underneath.

Sexy :D

Quite a breezy day.

Adjusting the back of the suit ^^;

Rainbike Dash??

Pretty rainbows ^^

Ice cream!

Widdle biddy mermaid ^^ So cute! I wants'em!

Sexy MEIKO! These are Helen's outfit btw. A little bit short, but she fits them quite well :D

Bluestarbaby's phone. Cute alpaca on the back :D

Love this photo ^^ They're so cute together ^_^ A little bit more on my Flick.


  1. Meiko looks cute wearing glasses :)

    1. She does indeed ^^ Glad I broke down and bought this slightly expensive glasses XD