Friday, September 26, 2008

Project: Saber Gundam - Day 1

8 hours! 8 hours of painting and clipping and building a Gundam kit! That's 1/3 of a day! Gundam markers ready, first runners and pieces ready, clippers ready, so what else am I missing? Oh that's right... skills... I got none >_<

So I cut out the torso from the runners. It wasn't until 5th or 6th hour in that I realize, I shouldn't have cut them out of the runners... It was easier to paint them while they were on the runners... Baka Robert, baka baka!!

And what is up with these 1/144 Gundam heads?? They're so tiny! The head on the marker seems about the same size. Yeesh!

I noticed the Zeta Gundam shoulders are already blue, so I thought, "Aha! One less thing to paint!" And yep, the blue doesn't match... more painting and waiting for paint to dry.

Finally after approximately 8 hours (excluding drying time), I was done with these pieces.

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