Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top Secret Gundam Project: MATERIAL GET!

I've finally managed to spend the money to get the materials for my Gundam project last Thursday (September 18, 2008) . It was hard to decide what was the base kit I will be using. I thought I would spend more money to get the best parts, but y'know those kits aren't exactly cheap...

So I finally settled with these 3 kits as the base of my project. All are 1/144 scale since they are cheaper. If I decide it would work as a 1/100 then I'll spend the money, but I'd need to learn how to paint Gundams properly. For now I'll be just using Gundam Markers to paint the parts

The 3 kits I will be destroying:
  1. Zeta Gundam - Boy, I wouldn't mind bashing this one. Tried my hands on the old MG kit and I just hated every minute building this Gundam, so I had no sympathy taking apart this thing.
  2. Blaze Zaku Phantom - Again, no sympathy for this one. It's just a Zaku, but if it were Lunamaria's Zaku then I would be sadder. I barely need parts of this kit, but they're still essential.
  3. BluDuel Gundam - Poor, poor BluDuel... I wish I didn't have to bash this one, but it fits into what I need for my project. I might buy this one again to have a completed BluDuel <3

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